SR 3 million fine, 5 Years Jail for any online comment or status in favor of Qatar

By now, all of us know that Saudi Arabia with 5 other countries namely the UAE, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya and Egypt has terminated all its relations with Qatar. Qatar diplomats have already left the Kingdom and evacuated the consulate and embassies. All the Qatari nationals living or visiting in the Kingdom have been given 14 days to leave the country. The border between Qatar and Saudi Arabia has been closed and Qatari nationals are no more allowed to cross the border. Etihad Airways, Saudi Airlines Emirates Airlines, Fly Dubai and many other Airlines have stopped its operations from Qatar. Qatar Airways license to operate in the Kingdom has been revoked and all its offices in the Kingdom have been closed.

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There are many expatriates as well as Saudis who don’t know the real reasoning behind the boycott of Qatar by 6 countries and have been spreading wrong information in favor of Qatar. It is our moral duty being resident and citizen of the country to stand beside the government. If government has taken an action for the larger interest of the country and its people, we don’t have a right to criticize them. As many people, have been posting online status and commenting on social media favoring Qatar based upon the wrong and limited information they have, Saudi government has declared a penalty of SR 3 million and a jail term of 5 years if anyone is found supporting Qatar on social media. In the same way, the UAE has also declared that anyone supporting Qatar online would be imprisoned for 15 years.

It is very important for all of you to understand the real reason Saudi Arabia and 5 other countries has boycotted Qatar. I am sure that after knowing the real reason, no one would be commenting in favor of Qatar on social media. We have written a detailed article on this subject which can be read in the link below. Recommended: Why Saudi Arabia along with 5 countries cut down relations with Qatar?

Saudi Arabia has banned all its citizens to enter to Qatar. They are no more allowed to visit Qatar for any reason. By the way, Qatar is not the only country where Saudis are banned to travel. There are 6 other countries where Saudis are not allowed to travel. Recommended: Saudis are banned to travel these 7 countries

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People who have booked Qatar Airways flight with a transit visa to Saudi Arabia or with a transit to Qatar Airports should also contact the Qatar Airways. Qatar Airways is in the process of redirecting and diverting all its flights to abide by the airspace rules – as it can no longer fly over or into Saudi Arabia or the UAE. It also has yet to issue a statement on changes to flights. Moreover, there would be no on arrival visit visa of Qatar for Saudi Iqama Holders. Recommended: On Arrival Visit Visa of Qatar for Saudi Iqama Holders

Source: Saudi News


  • KnightTime

    Would you be so quick to stand with the government if the impact to you personally were in the thousands of dollars? I was mid-trip when this all happened, and had to purchase new one-way tickets on two day notice at a cost FAR greater than what I would be refunded for the remainder of my Qatar booking. Then, there are future bookings that have to be cancelled/refunded, but wait – access to the Qatar Airways website is blocked, and all their offices are closed. Say goodbye to that money, as well as the new tickets that had to be purchased to replace the now-useless tickets.

    I am not saying the Saudi government was wrong in principle to do what they did – their country, their rules, and we must abide by their decisions. However, the execution was not thought out at all, creating personal financial burdens in the millions of dollars for people who did nothing wrong and do not deserve it.

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