Procedure to Pay the Fee for Hajj to Ministry of Hajj in Saudi Arabia

We have already explained the procedure to apply for Hajj in Saudi Arabia. The procedure is simple and easy to understand. We have tried to explain each and every step of the procedure in detail. The final step to complete the Hajj registration in Saudi Arabia is to pay the fee for Hajj after booking. It is important to mention here that the fee needs to be paid within 72 hours of the Hajj booking. If the fee for Hajj is not paid within 72 hours, it will be canceled and you will have to book for the package again. In this read, we have explained the procedure to pay the fee for Hajj to Ministry of Hajj in Saudi Arabia after booking it online. Recommended: Procedure to Apply for Hajj in Saudi Arabia

In this read, we have used the internet banking account of Al Rajhi Bank, the procedure is almost same in all banks so you would be able to pay the fee following the instructions which are given below. First of all, log in to your internet banking account, select “Payments” from the main screen and then click on “SADAD”. A new page will appear where you will have to select “SADAD Bills”.

Now a new screen will appear where you will have to select “Government Service” in the first selection and “Ministry of Hajj and Umrah” in the Utility Service Provider. After selecting this, open the SMS you have received after making the booking with Ministry of Hajj. You need to enter the SADAD voucher number provided in the SMS in the third box provided on the screen. After entering the number correctly, click on the “Proceed” button.

The system will fetch the details related to this SADAD number and Hajj booking. You need to cross check that the amount of bill appearing in this screen reconciles with the amount of your booking. For example, in my case, the amount of package I have booked for Hajj is SR 16,116. If the amounts reconcile, you can click on the “Confirm” button to proceed further.

The next screen will appear with a message that your SADAD bill has been added successfully. Now, in order to make a payment, you need to activate this bill. Click on “Activate” button given on the same screen. The system will send a verification code to your registered mobile number and you need to enter back this code to your internet banking account to activate this bill.[irp]

Once the bill has been successfully activated, the last step is to make payment for the bill. This is the last step, once you confirm the payment and the payment is made by the bank account. You will receive an SMS from the Ministry of Hajj to confirm that the full amount related to the reservation number XXX has been received. Now wait for a couple of days and after that, you would be able to print your Hajj permit. Recommended: How to Print Hajj Permit for the year 2017?