How does it feel to lead the Salah in the Masjid-al-Haram Makkah?

Sheikh Khalid Al Ghamdi is the Imam at the Masjid-al-Haram. An Imam is a person who leads the prayer. Being the Imam at the Masjid-al-Haram is the greatest honor. Leading a prayer in the holiest place on Earth is a great privilege. Muslims feel blessed and fortunate for being able to pray in the Masjid-al-Haram. But leading a prayer there is a greater fortune. Most Muslims think of how does an Imam feels while leading a prayer at the most sacred place on Earth? Worry not Muslims, Sheikh Khalid Al-Ghamdi has revealed it all! In an interview in Australia, he briefed that what it feels like while leading a prayer at the Masjid-al-Haram.[irp]

He told that no one can describe the actual feeling. The reality is that it is a mix of certain emotions. While leading the prayer one feels prestigious for it as well as there is a feeling of majesty. As it is a great activity to undertake, he said that along with honor there is a feeling of reverence. The Holy Kaaba is a great place, indeed the greatest place on Earth. The most sacred place is the purest one to be found in the whole wide world.  He further said that as no is standing between him and the Kaaba, the feeling at that time is a combination of Majesty, prestige, and reverence for the holiest place.

It is the place at which the Muslims hearts are directed towards. It is the Holy Kaaba: where the Muslims hearts are inclined. The Holy Kaaba is the Qibla for all the Muslims. A Qibla is a direction at which Muslims face to offer their prayers. The Muslims around the world either from north, south, east or west face towards the Holy Kaaba, which is a blessed and a mighty place, to offer their prayers. This Qibla has been chosen by Allah Almighty Himself.

He added a saying of Allah Almighty: Allah has made the Kaaba, the Sacred House, standing for the people. This means that the affairs of the people stand up by the Kaaba. By the sacred house, all the affairs of the people will stand.  And from it, they live in safety and tranquility.  Sheikh Khalid Al-Ghamdi said that he has found complete respect, esteem, and honor from the brothers and sisters all around the world. He said he is honored by people of Saudi Arabia and of people not belonging to Saudi Arabia.[irp]

He said that is it is a grace and a blessing of Allah Almighty that he does not travel to a place where he is not recognized as the Imam of the Kaaba or they recognize him from his outlook and appearance.  Also, some recognize him from his voice as they have quite heard him. He said he has found nothing but respect, honor, and esteem from Muslims around the world. This is the proof of their strong love and affection towards the Holy Kaaba, Makkah, and Land of two Sanctuaries. “The respect for me is the direct result of the sacred place, Holy Kaaba. No one would have known me if it wasn’t for the grace of Allah. The status that I am in now is the result of the great place.”