Do I need to be present in Saudi Arabia to apply for Hajj?

As we know that the process to apply for Hajj in Saudi Arabia is online. The website normally starts taking applications from the beginning of Dhul Al-Qaeda and it continues till the time quotas of agents expire. Many people travel outside Saudi Arabia these days and they want to know if they can apply for Hajj when they are outside Saudi Arabia? Would there be a problem in getting Hajj Tasreeh or Hajj permit for them? I have explained the issue in detail below. Recommended: Procedure to Apply for Hajj from Saudi Arabia

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Do I need to be present in Saudi Arabia to apply for Hajj? Ideally speaking, there should be no problem if you are applying for Hajj while you are out of Kingdom. However, due to heavy load on the website, it might happen that Ministry of Hajj restricts the traffic coming from out of Kingdom. In this case, you would not be able to view the website. However, the solution is very simple, just ask any of your friends or family members to apply for Hajj on your behalf. We have already explained the process above.

Would there be a problem in getting Hajj Tasreeh or Hajj permit? Now the second question is that if you have applied for Hajj yourself or through one of your friends, would there be a problem in getting Hajj Tasreeh or Hajj Permit later on? Well, the answer is “NO”. There would be no problem in getting Hajj Tasreeh or Hajj permit even if you enter back to Saudi Arabia one or two days before the start of the Hajj.

In the old process, it was mandatory for the person to be inside Kingdom to get Hajj Tasreeh. I visited an authorized agent yesterday and he also told me that this is still valid for the new online process. But a friend of mine applied last year through the online system while he was outside Kingdom and he received Hajj Tasreeh before returning to Kingdom. He was also told by his agent that for Hajj Tasreeh you need to be in the Kingdom but he received the Hajj Tasreeh while he was in UAE airport on his return to Kingdom.

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Many agents are not familiar with the updated information as they have been following the old customary procedure from a long time. They will misguide you about the fact that you need to be present in Saudi Arabia while applying for Hajj otherwise your application would be rejected. There is no reality in it.



  • Muhamed haneefa

    Thank you

  • Siraj

    Salam everyone.

    I have a couple of questions with respect to hajj 2017:

    1) i am currently working in khobar but plan to perform hajj from pakistan. I will leave ksa on a reentry visa and then fly from karachi for hajj through an operator in pakistan. Will there be any issue on arrival in ksa since i will have both a reentry visa and a hajj visa on my passport?

    2) i am getting married immediately before hajj and have also applied for my wife’s hajj through pakistan. If i get her family visa stamped for ksa now, will she face problems when she arrives in jeddah to perform hajj considering that she will.have both a hajj visa and a spouse visa?

  • Abu Baker

    What about vaccination? If I am coming back to KSA e.g. 2-3 days before Hajj? Is Haj tasreeh dependent on submitting vaccination? Appreciate reply on this please. Thanks.

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