A Muslim sentenced to death for insulting Prophet Muhammad S.A.W on Facebook in Pakistan

Blasphemy is a sensitive issue: no one would like to hear disrespectful things against their God. The people involved in Blasphemy tend to face hate and social rejection. Pakistan is an Islamic state: the majority of the population residing there is Muslim.  People, there are very sensitive towards religion: there is a huge social rejection for those who are involved in blasphemy. The Holy Prophet PBUH and Allah SWT are very dear to the Pakistani Muslims. If someone comments on them, it evokes sentiments of the Pakistani Muslims.

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Many cases have been witnessed in the country where the people involved in blasphemy are charged by the social mobs. Some cases were seen where mobs attacked such social criminals and even killed such criminals. Blasphemy is a great deal for Pakistani Muslims and they go far beyond in such situations. Also, Pakistan is a country where there is a lot of divide among two of the Muslims sects: the Shia and the Sunni sects.  Presently Facebook has become a vital platform for sharing ideas. People can say whatever they want and others can add or comment on it. Yet, commenting inappropriate stuff causes arguments and fights.

A similar incident occurred recently: Taimoor Raza is a Shia who belongs to the city of Lahore and has been found guilty of Blasphemy. It has been proved that he uploaded content that showed disrespect for the wives of the Holy Prophet PBUH and some on the Sunni prominent leaders.  The news is that Taimoor Raza committed blasphemy when he was arguing with one of the officials of the counter terrorism department. So it was easy to crack Taimoor Raza down.

The case was then presented in the court. The counter terrorism department arrested Taimoor Raza and presented evidence against him. The Judge Mr. Shabbir Ahmad Awan heard the case in the city of Bahawalpur which is only at a distance of 600 from the capital city Islamabad. Mr. Shabbir found Taimoor Raza guilty of openly insulting the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W using the medium of Facebook. As this act is not tolerable, Taimoor Raza has been sentenced to death.

This news has been disclosed by the prosecutor of the case Mr. Shafiq Qureshi. However, the defense lawyer has assured that his client has been wrongly charged and that they have the intentions of filing a case against the given sentence in the court.   The government of Pakistan has already warned the people to remain cautious on social networking sites: they shall not upload a content that is against the religious norms. Also in order to avoid severe action against them, they shall make their social accounts secure: no one shall have access to their accounts.

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Try to avoid fights on social media that are of religious nature as religion is very dear to everyone. And let’s just enjoy our lives and religion! We hope that we won’t be hearing such news in future.  

Source: Arab News


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