7 Categories of Expatriates who are exempt from Dependent’s Fee

All of us know that the Saudi Government announced on Jan 01, 2017 that a fee of SR 100 per month will be levied on all the dependents of expatriates in Saudi Arabia at the time of Iqama renewal from July 01, 2017. Now, this fee has been implemented. The dependent’s fee will be increased to SR 200 per month from July 2018, SR 300 per month from July 2019 and SR 400 per month from July 2020. The fee has been applicable on all the dependents irrespective of their age. Every resident will have to pay the dependent’s fee even if the Iqama has been renewed. The dependent’s fee is to be paid at the time of Iqama Renewal, issuing exit re-entry visa for the dependent or final exit. There are 6 categories of expatriates who are exempt from paying dependent’s fee. Recommended: Procedure to pay Dependent’s Fee for Iqama Renewal

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1-Expatriate employees working in the government sector are not required to pay the dependent’s fee to renew their Iqama, issue exit re-entry visa for dependents or issue a final exit visa. It would be a great comfort for the expatriates who are working in the government sector as they don’t have to pay this heavy chunk of money.

2-Expatriate workforce on whom labor card fee (SR 2,400) is not applied, are also exempt from paying dependent’s fee. One example of this workforce is domestic workers. All domestic workers are not required to pay their dependent’s fee.

3-If Saudi Father or Saudi Mother has any expatriate dependents, they don’t have to pay dependent’s fee.

4-A widow or divorcee of a Saudi man does not have to pay dependent’s fee for her expatriate children.

5-Expatriate wife or husband of a Saudi Citizen is not required to pay the dependent’s fee.

6-Foreign Students living in Saudi Arabia on a student visa are also not required to pay the dependent’s fee for their dependents.

7-You don’t have to pay the dependent’s fee on dependents who have already left the Kingdom either on final exit or on exit re-entry visa but never returned to the Kingdom.

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By imposing this dependent’s fee, the Saudi government is trying to diversify its sources of income and reduce reliance on the export of oil. A financially stable Saudi Arabia is very important for the entire Muslim ummah.

  • Zaib Khan

    You mean that if our iqamma expire next year Feb,2018, and we apply final exit now in July,2017 so we need to pay until Feb,2018? Confirm before you write.

  • Sheldon Cooper

    Yes , you can check online in your bank under Government payments > Alien control > Associate Fee.

    One thing more Steve, outsource working in Govt. sectors are also exempt from this fee?

  • amer

    Strange! Government wants to reduce expats, yet expats working in government sector are exempted.

  • Mel Moore

    I’m planning to work in the education sector or any field requiring good English writing skills. I don’t reside in KSA yet so I’m looking at my options (still living in America presently). Are there government jobs for expats in education or for someone with a BA in English? Thank you.

  • Fahad Yousuf

    Your sponsor (as per Iqama) needs to a government entity/ministry. So outsourced employees (sub-contractors) under sponsorship of private companies having contract with the Government entity are not exempt unfortunately.

  • Salman

    Hi Moore,
    My fair advise to you is just forget to visit or to work in Saudi Arabia,,,,the people already working in KSA is suffering a lot, so choose some other countries like Kuwait or UAE these countries are much better than KSA.

    If you want to pay most of your earning to the government of KSA then you are most welcome.


  • Salman

    Do you think the step taken by the Saudi government is fair and legal and in favor of expatriates? By implementing the dependents fees you have put the big burden on the expatriates, this step clearly shows that you want to take out the money from expatriates pockets by all means. 50% of the expatriates has left KSA since last 3 years due to lack of jobs, small salaries, strict laws, and unbearable saudi kafeel treating to their employees.

    This is very bad impression on Saudi Government and very poor decision. Saudi Government has always did the partiality and always neglected expatriates,,,on any festivals like Ramadan Eid or Hajj Eid,,,government is announcing 20 days holidays to Saudi nationals and 5 days holidays to expatriates (do you think this is a justice), this is totally unfair. Saudi people talking about humanity and Islam, did our Islam teaches you to treat the people according to their nationalities?

    I was watching expatriates.com website for buying and selling stuff, there i found the houses for rent and i was surprised to see the rent of the luxury flat with 2 rooms plus big hall + kitchen and toilet with full decoration on walls and very neat, the yearly rent is only 20,000 SR,,,and the same house cost you 40,000 yearly 3 years back, don’t you think this is huge losses to the saudi people, don’t you feel the purchasing power has been collapsed within these 3 years.

    If you really don’t want any expatriates to stay in Saudi Arabia then just close the blady visa,,,,why are you issuing the visa,,,who is getting benefit by this visa the kafeel is taking 15,000 to 20,000 for labor visa excluding the medical expenses and air fare, after paying all these expenses when the person lands to KSA the kafeel starts harassing them, they are forced to working in Mazra with sheeps and goats and if the person rejects then the kafeel will beat him and don’t give food, is this our Islam teaches us…is there anyone to question those stupid kafeel. NO one.

    Saudi government want to send back all expatriates except bangladeshi people working in baladiya, cleaning the garbage from the streets,,,,why you want to keep these people with you,,,just send them also back to their countries,,,let saudi national work on the place of bangladeshi, if saudi people really love their country they should and they must clean the roads and take the garbage from all over the country and keep their country neat. But as i know saudi will never ever do this job, just they need black tea with cigarette packets and talking for hours.

    If you call yourself an Islamic country then do the equal justice with all human being but not only saudi nationals.


  • Salman

    why you didn’t publish my post…..your blog is restricted to government laws too?,,,,you people don’t have courage to hear the truth..

    thanks for not posting my post..its better you close your blog…

  • rauf

    Hi Steve..
    I want to send my family final exit after january 2018..my iqama expiry date is 24/11/1438 ..I want to renew my iqama up to 24/11/1439 ..How much I should pay as levi for my wife and 2 kids to get my iqama renewed . is it sufficient if I only paid levi for them upto 31st January 2018?
    waiting for your response..
    thank you

  • Abdul Qudoos


  • Your post had a link which requires manual permission from my side before publication. I have approved it now.

  • Masood Ali Raja

    they are exempted because they already reduced there salaries, ppl who are taking 22000 before 6 months are know taking 11000…

  • amer

    Dear moderator please remove the offensive word from fourth paragraph.

  • Faisal Arsalan

    Hi Steve,

    Is the new fee has to be paid before iqama transfer of sponsor as well?

  • Shaikh

    These 7 categories mentioned above are REALLY exempted from dependent fee ?
    Is there any official confirmation on this from Jawazat or any Government agency ?
    Please reply…
    Thank you

  • I have confirmed all 7 categories myself through my relations with at least 1 expat from each category.

  • Amin Ali Khan

    I am on mahram visa with my sister who is doctor in health ministry. my iqama is still valid for 1 year. we are trying take exit re entry visa for six months. Jawazat is saying deposit 2390 Riyal. they dont know them self abot the calculation, they say just deposit this amount. what is the calculation. if i want exit re entry for six month the fee should be only 600. if dependent fee have to be paid than still 1200 more, so this should be 1800. Do you know any thing about this matter dear steve can you help is this matter

  • Shaikh

    Thank you for your reply

  • nishatr

    I am working in public sector. Hence no dependent fees for dependents. But my husband is in sponsoree category in my absher. They are charging full dependent fees for him for exit re-entry visa until expiry of his iqamah.
    Why has he been put under sponsoree category instead of dependent category. This is making us to pay dependent fees which according to rule is not reqd for a govt employee.
    Kindly explain is there a possibility to change his status from sponsoree to dependent

  • nishatr

    Dear steve
    Humble request to make me understand what does sponoree mean?

  • nishatr

    It depends on ur iqamah expiry date.
    They did same for my husband. I am also doctor in public sector. But they have charged dependent fee for my husband – 2190 rials. This includes current 100 rial per month fees plus next year 200 riyal per month fees until iqamah expires.

  • Ahmed JG

    Send me ur email. I can provide you excell sheet which calculates dependent fee.

  • Ahmed JG

    My wife is doctor. I am apoearing under her employee as domestic worker in Abshar instead of Dependant. And when she try to pay my dependant fee, system says Associate ID is not under Alien Control.

  • Jaime Jr Prado Remogat

    can you help me….i have an inquiry…may family will be leaving KSA this coming august 30, 2017 they have already a FINAL EXIT VISA.. since i dont have an annual vacation yet..i filed my vacation to go with them…but my company cannot give me exit re entry visa because they said I need to renew my iqama first…the expiration is 24/03/1439..if I renew my iqama maybe I will pay again the dependent fee for the duration of my iqama..because my family is not yet left the kingdom even they have alreay a FINAL EXIT VISA…..can you answer my inquiry..thanks

  • Aamir Saeed Tajalli

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0985ea23fb9ad04b07fb46d40f1b2db0654fd864dce3cf3df649785e2ba02b78.jpg Hello

    With all honesty i think such hikes are mainly created due to the fact that government is determined and wants to implement saudiazaiton from gross root level and same time also compensate budget deficit.

    Also consider that the employers are or were making fortune by bringing cheap labor and not contributing the real efforts in developing the manpower. For a country present and future it is certainly not wise as well as not a strategic move to heavily rely on foreign work force and not develop its youth to take and face challenges.

    In principal, every job must be offered to locals first and if there is no availability to fill in the post then it should be offered to expats, like us. Maybe, locals are not that proficient in skills as expats are but unless they are not exposed to heat then how they will be developed? If employers are ready (willingly or unwillingly) to put them on the driving seat then let it be and we should wish them good luck, as well as extend our help to train them.

    Be honest and imagine how we would feel if we face such scenario in our home country?

    If we are really talented and skilled, then whats the issue?

    Dont worry about rizq because والله خير الرازقين

  • Aamir Saeed Tajalli

    Hello, it depends on whether govt or pvt? What perks you are offered and written down in your contract?

    Ofcourse you must have to do numbers comparison anaylytics.

    Just one advice, whats said is not important, but what written is referred.

    KSA is going thru a transitions phase where people are more open, becoming friendly, esp to those who are truly WORTH contributing in development of country and its youth.

  • Aamir Saeed Tajalli

    Comon Salman brother,

    Still its not that bad!!! Is it?

    In worst, it is still better than our home country otherwise would we come here in first place? We came here to offer our superior services (not to conquer), as long as we are economically benefiting and with respect of course.

  • Riyath Ahamed

    Do we have to pay the expatriate associate fees for one year(12 months) for the iqama renewal even if I want to send my family memebers by middle of the year (6 months)? Or I have to pay it at the end of the year or final exit?

  • I think you don’t have to pay Dependent’s fee for Iqama Renewal for the future. At the time of Iqama Renewal, you just have to pay the fee till your current iqama expiry and not till your next iqama expiry. This is what I think, I am not sure if it is true.

  • Riyath Ahamed

    Thanks Mr.Steve. Please try to find the truth, because peoples making their own decision and spreading rumor on it.

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