Madina Airport ranked as the 2nd best Airport in the Middle East

Airports Council International (ACI) is the global association and trade representation of the airports around the world. Airports Council International is a non-profit organization which was established in the year 1991. This non-profit organization’s prime task is to take all possible steps for the advancement of the airports by the cooperation of concerned government authorities and other international organizations. Airports Council International makes efforts which are better for the interest of airports. The Council is playing a vital role by promoting professional excellence in management operations for airports and a great source of building business cooperation among airports. Airports Council International makes a remarkable and significant contribution in providing better traveling mode to the public by making secure and efficient air transport system.[irp]

The Airports Council International (ACI) is the one and only centers which are globally and a representation for trading for all the airports which includes representation of more than 1,850 airports internationally. Recently, Airports Council International made a ranking and in their ranking, the name of Madina airport also known as Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz International Airport is counted as the second-best airport all over the Middle East. Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz International Airport gets second ranking under the list of ten airports located in the region. The International Airport in Madina got a score of about 4.65 from a total of five points. The scores were evaluated based on airport services provided to their passengers daily in comparison with the standard of services by international airports.

Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz International Airport took 11th position in the category of airports which holds a capacity of passengers of about 5 to 15 million and this category includes 80 airports globally.  Director General of the Madina airport, Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Fadel stated that the ranking certifies that the airport performance is per the international standards. It also proves that Al Taiyibah Airport Operating Company and operators of airports provide excellent quality and services to their passengers along the devotion of airport staff for providing the best possible services.

The operating company works efficiently and effectively to fulfill the requirements and needs of passengers and provide the best possible different facilities in the airport. The operating company worker works under the instructions and leadership of directives and continuously making efforts to develop a better and high-quality air transportation services in the Kingdom.    Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Fadel also honored the support of the General Administration of Civil Aviation (GACA) in the expansion of civil aviation throughout the Kingdom.[irp]

The airport received feedback by especially taking care of the services provided to the passengers. The Director General of Al-Tayibah Company, Sofyan Abdulsalam, also stated that he was glad about the conclusion of the ranking.  Mohammed bin Abdulaziz International Airport is also ranked 38th among the top 267 airports worldwide. Therefore, Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz International Airport is considered as the safest and secure airport for traveling with a healthy environment in the world.

Source: Arab News