9 Most Dangerous Countries for Christians to live in

1-North Korea: The most hostile country in the world to live and to practice the Christian faith, there are several reports of Christians being arrested. It is estimated that 25 percent of the Christians have been kept in labor camps since they refused to worship the founder, Kim II Sung’s cult.[irp]

2-Afghanistan: All the Christians of Afghanistan hail from a Muslim background. Those discovered to be Christians face discrimination from the community, clergy, local authorities and their families. Christians are not allowed to meet up in public for religious reasons.

3-Somalia: In Somalia, nobody is expected to be a Christian, hence there is no organized church. Those who had converted from Islam live in secrecy and know a handful of other Christians. The largest known Christian group in Somalia consists of five people.

4-Iran: The Ethnic Persians are Muslim hence any Christians are considered as apostates. Nearly all the Christian related activity is illegal, which includes publishing of Christian books, evangelism and bible training. Several of the churches are being monitored by the secret police.

5-Maldives: Each citizen of these remote Islands must be Muslim. The government of Maldives views itself as the defender or protector of Islam and is completely supported by the citizens.  Import of Christian literature is banned along with evangelism and existence of churches.

6-Uzbekistan: Uzbekistan had been monitoring Christians since a long time; however, it has now been intensified, even in the Orthodox Church. Youth activities, training, and Outreach have all been banned in the unregistered churches. Over the past decade, Uzbek authorities have only granted registration to one new church. All private bible study meetings are in danger of being closed all the time.

7-Yemen: Islam is the state religion of Yemen as well as the source of legislation. There are a few hundred Christians who hail from a Muslim background. These Christians meet secretly as they face persecution from the authorities, extremist Islamic groups and their families. In the northern parts, churches are not allowed. Though there is some religious freedom for the foreigners, evangelism is not allowed.

8-Iraq: The Iraqi Christian community forms one of the oldest Christian communities in the Middle Eastern region. The number of Christians in Iraq today would roughly translate to 5 percent of the total population of the country. It used to be much higher at 8 percent or 1.4 million people back in 1987, but most left due to the sectarian violence in the country.[irp]

9-Pakistan: Pakistan has a Muslim population of 97 percent of the total population, hence it is considered as the second most populous Muslim-majority country in the world, also has the second largest Shi’a population in the entire world. The Christian population has churches all over the country, but the believers, as well as the church buildings, are routinely targeted by the authorities as well as the terrorist groups.

  • Kevin

    Who ever wrote this article must clearly have no clue about what he is writing and the writer,himself , has fallen into the stereotype media propaganda.

    Like in 9-Pakistan section “Routinely targeted by authorities as well as terrorist groups” ? Are you seriously FUCKING kidding me ? Being a practicing and fundamentalist Muslim, i have some very good christian friends and i lived near Christian societies and never in my life i saw anyone targeting their Church and the christian people themselves. Christian, although minorities like Hindus and Sikhs, practice their religion and rituals as openly as Muslims. Sure you cant see people celebrating Christmas and Easter everywhere in the country (because its 97% Muslim population) but i am a good 100% sure that if someone celebrates the Christmas openly in the Muslim populated areas , they wont see any sort of resistance.

    And PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD YOU BELIEVE IN, If you dont know the stuff, dont post shit that will misguide people. Stupid writer ! Like seriously ” Routinely Targeted !”. Are you NUTS ?