Is using Mobile on a Traffic Signal during the red-light considered a traffic violation?

All of us know that Saudi Arabia is one of those countries where the rate of traffic accidents is very high. According to a report published on Arab News, around 20 people die every day on the roads in Saudi Arabia due to traffic accidents. Saudi Traffic Police has been taking active measures to counter these issues and because of that, Saher Cameras have been installed on all main streets and highways to control drivers from over speeding and violating traffic signal rules. A few days ago, the fine for crossing red light has also been increased to SR 3,000. Recommended: 4 Important Rules to avoid Traffic Violations at Traffic Signals in Saudi Arabia

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The measures taken by Saudi Traffic Police are not limited to Saher Cameras, Saudi Traffic Police Officers have been performing their duties on the roads as well to report and fine drivers for any kind of violation they commit. With the new devices, which have been provided to them, it does not take more than 30 minutes to fine a driver and he receives the message of violation immediately. Since they have been taking active measures against violators of traffic rules, a question arises. Is using the Mobile Phone on a Traffic Signal during red light considered a traffic violation? Recommended:  How long it takes to get violation SMS after the Traffic Violation in Saudi Arabia?

This question was asked from the Saudi Traffic Police on their twitter account. A Saudi Driver asked them if using the mobile phone, a traffic signal during the time of red light constitutes a traffic violation? Frankly speaking, I never thought about it and I have been using the mobile phone during the red-light time on traffic signals. I was curious to know about it. I was following that thread to check if Saudi Traffic Police replies to them.

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It is important to mention here that it is different from using your mobile phone while driving. It is a grave traffic violation to use a mobile phone while driving and results in heavy fines. It is also considered a very risky approach as 50% of your attention is lost while you are using mobile phone which can result in heavy life losses. Recommended: SR 15,000 Fine, 1 Night in Jail and 30 Days Vehicle Confiscation if caught using Mobile while Driving

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Finally, Saudi Traffic Police replied to that tweet and clarified that using a mobile phone on the traffic signal during the time of red light does not constitute a traffic violation. So, you can use your mobile with ease now.

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