10 Rights of Hajj and Umrah Pilgrims in Saudi Arabia

Recently, an official document was uploaded on the ministry of Hajj and Umrah website which stated about the protection of rights of pilgrims by taking certain new steps. These steps involve the establishment of communication centers and taking continuous follow-up with the help of supervising committees. The purpose of establishing communication centers and committees is to get registered and consider complaints against any miss management and ensure safety and comfort of the pilgrims. The ministry stated that they will shield and respect the rights of the foreign and domestic pilgrims by monitoring all agreements and commitments done by the companies and services.[irp]

1-Complaints will be filed and claims made by any pilgrim will be forwarded to a special committee who basically takes the decision of punishment for the responsible person.

2-The ministry will make sure that all basic facilities are provided to the foreign pilgrims which include accommodation, transportation, and food. The ministry will keep a check on proper transportation and accommodation facilities, food and arrangements at the holy sites.

3-If any Hajj Company is providing low-quality service, it will be suspended from work for short or longer period. They might be fined or possibly the company’s license might be canceled. There will be monitoring of all the services and facilities committed by companies.

4-The ministry should take care of all the essential financial requirements and verify the licensed companies to ensure the complete commitment of contracts made by them to the pilgrims. Financial affidavit against companies is made to assure that they must obey their contracts and if the concerned company violates their contract, they must represent itself in court for financial consideration.

5-The ministry will consider the concerns and complaints of pilgrims and will forward them to the investigating committee for solving of their respective issue with the proper decision.

6-The Ministry is responsible for providing Umrah pilgrims safe and sound accommodation with full comfort when pilgrims are traveling which involves transportation, luggage, and shipping. In the case of original ticket lost, the ministry confirms flight bookings and provides another air ticket to the pilgrims.

7-Similarly, the rights of Hajj pilgrims include the healthy and safe environment in full comfort zone. The Ministry also keeps full check and balance on the performance of contractual commitments done by companies.

8-The ministry will provide the compensation amount to the pilgrims which are already set and approves it through official channels. If a company objects on making compensation for the pilgrims, the ministry will represent on behalf of the pilgrims before any legal court authorization. 

9-The ministry also holds full authority to make changes in the decisions of the committee which involves applying fines on companies for breaking rules and disable a company by making it stop its services for a limited period or more.[irp]

10-The ministry will also force penalties in the form of fines on companies violates the rules and might also order to stop them from working for one or more times with full authority to cancel their license.

In a nutshell, the Ministry provides pilgrims with complete protection and guidance with essential advice by making every possible effort for a healthy and safe stay throughout the spiritual journey of Hajj or Umrah.

Source: Al Arabiya

  • Iqbal hussain

    Hotel being run in the vicinity of Macca should be raided by Saudi ministry to check whether the owner of the hotel or the staff is providing good and healthy environment or do they maintain the basic needs required by pilgrims. In most of the Hotel at Al Hijra road and in surrounding areas are not suitable to stay but because the pilgrim comes directly from Pakistan through travel agency they don’t have time to raise the issue being faced by them who have limited time to perform religious rite and they have to go back too in given scheduled of visits. I can give example of Al TAQWA Hotel # 2 Al Hijra Road does not provide towel, tissue paper and even see the inner condition of the Hotel that how dirty it is? There are other hotel too which needs to be raided to ensure that basic needs meant for pilgrims must be provided by the Hotel otherwise close owing to unhygienic & unhealthy treatment in the Hotels.
    Staff are also non cooperative, illiterate and thief too, as I left my mobile charger after staying few days in Macca and proceeded Madina during my way to Madina I contacted the hotel staff asked him to check my room and keep the charger & when I come back I will collect. But when I returned from Madina and asked them to give me back my mobile charger they refused and said why you left its your fault.