In Qatif, Marriage Contracts allow women to divorce men

Muhammad Al Jirani, the Judge of the Qatif Endowments and Inheritance Court has just now confirmed to a local newspaper in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that around 5 percent of the marriage cases in the recent years have involved the condition to also mandate the wife the power of divorcing herself from her husband, which is a condition that is different to that called “OSMMA” or the holder of power of divorcing the spouse in the marriage bond. The judge had explained the doctrinal opinion is not known by several however it has started to spread under the name of mandating, which points out that the legal court has endorsed and signed all the contracts with containing this stipulation.[irp]

Judge Al Jirani has urged all the females who are going to get married soon to document the provision of mandating to become able to get a divorce out of the bond of marriage if they have been abandoned or abused, or also in the cases where the Saudi Females are married off to foreigners who have gone back to their home country only shortly after marriage. This type of documentation of the provision of mandating ensures the rights of the wives and their dignity to say the very least. This statement was made by Judge Al Jirani, while speaking to the media.

He further on described the married of divorced women as a partial phenomenon pointing out the spread of marriage of divorced women, whether they are virgins or not. The divorced women tend to preserve the second marriage they have entered much better than the one that had failed previously, he stated. He also noted that several of the divorced couples also succeed to work things out between themselves and remarry through a newly formed marriage contract.

Al Jirani has also stated that around 20 to 30 percent of the divorce cases are caused by lawful eyesight of prospective wife, wherein several of the cases, the photo shown is very different in comparison to the real person. This is many thanks to the Photoshop application, amongst other applications that are commonly used to edit photos.

Judge Al Jirani stated that he demands that both prospective partners in marriage must see each other in person, and in the legal provision of Islam, which is the lawful eyesight of the prospective spouse before they sign the legal marriage contract. This is extremely important; however, it is up to the Ministry of Justice to turn the provision into mandatory.[irp]

He has estimated that the number of cases of divorce due to emotional neglect of the husband or negligence to the wife, either since the husband is extremely busy or he is addicted to social media, to reach around 50 percent of the total number of divorce cases, and around 20 percent since the husband has married multiple women, either with or without the prior knowledge and consent of the first wife.

Source: Arab News