8 Years Old boy taken out of the airplane without mother knowledge at Jazan Airport

A mother of an 8-year-old boy had gotten the shock of her life when she was told that her son, with whom she had boarded the flight, was in fact no longer on the plae. This news was given to the mother only a few minutes after the plane had taken off.[irp]

Well, it turns out that the 8-year-old boy named Fares was forcibly made to exit the aircraft by the reservation agents at the Jazan Airport. The flight was reportedly heading for Jeddah and the mother of Fares did not learn about this entire scene until the plane had already departed from the airport.

The mother was informed by the cabin crew that her son Fares would have to be shifted to a seat in the back with one of the relatives of the woman. However once the plane had taken off, she was shocked to find out that her son was nowhere to be found.

She also stated that she would not have personally wanted or accepted to continue with the trip if she had any idea as to what had happened to her son. She further explained that her relative, who was on the same plane as her, was upgraded up to first class after the employees of the airline made this tremendous mistake.

The woman also further added that the airline immediately booked his seat in the economy class of the next flight to Jeddah. The woman has expressed her shock and disdain over the completely unprofessional attitude and behavior demonstrated by the Airline staff, who had simply failed at keeping her informed about the situation regarding her son, while he was waiting in the hall.

This case is now being investigated, following a formal complaint that was lodged by the mother of 8-year-old Fares. The mother has claimed that the officials in charge of booking at the Jazan airport had forced her child to get off the plane, even though her child had been issued a boarding pass to board the plane and go on the trip.

Eyewitnesses at the airport and on the plane, have taken to social media, and have claimed that the mother of 8-year-old fares had also argued with the agents at the airport to allow her son to remain with her on the plane, however the son was forcibly made to exit the plane, and the plane took off without the 8-year-old boy on board.

Aviation and managing tens of hundreds of flights going in and out of an airport can quite mind wracking if you come to think of it, hence it is completely understandable that the authorities or the agents in charge of reservation or tickets can mess up some time or the other. 

Though this may cause inconvenience to the passengers and staff alike, it is the passenger who in most the cases, must either miss their flight or pay more money.

Source: Arab News