6 Duties of Domestic Workers which they must perform in Saudi Arabia

Even though most of the families living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have at least 1 domestic worker employed in their homes, most of them do not know the exact legality when it comes to the legal obligations of the domestic worker or labor in performing services and refusing to perform any service. Below you will find the legal guidelines in this aspect. For those who did not know, these are the legal obligations of all domestic workers employed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The employers of these domestic workers cannot ask them to do anything or to conform to any other demand or request that is not listed in the list provided below. The domestic worker can also not deny any of the legally and morally correct services order or requested by their employer. Recommended: 14 Rights of Domestic Workers in Saudi Arabia

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1-Work: The Domestic Labor is obliged to perform the duties that have been agreed upon, to serve the employer. The domestic labor is also obliged to not reject any work or quit their service without having any legitimate reason. The domestic labor also is obliged to not work for their own account.

2-The Orders of the Employer: The domestic labor is obliged to follow the orders given by the employer and the members of the family of the employer. The orders must, however, be in accordance with the work and duties agreed upon by the employee and employer.

3-Property of the Employer: The domestic labor is obliged to maintain the employer’s property and that of the family members of the employer.

4-Safety of the Employer’s family members: The domestic labor is obliged to not be harmed by any of the members of the employer’s family. This includes the elderly as well as children.

5-The privacy of the employer’s family members and the employers: The domestic labor is obliged to not bring harm to the dignity of the employee or any family member of the employer, and to not interfere under any circumstances in their private affairs. The domestic labor is also obliged to keep any confidential information relating to the employer, the family of the employer or the people in the house of the employer, as they have learned those confidential matters due to working in the house and should not disclose the matters to any foreign third party.

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6-The religion of the employer and the family members: The domestic labor is obliged to respect the religion of Islam and abide the rules and regulations that have been put in place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as the traditions, social norm, and habits of the society of Saudi Arabia. The domestic labor should not be involved in any sort of activity that may be detrimental to the employer or the family of the employer.

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