Saudi Arabia is building 1900 houses, 33 schools, and 23 Hospitals in Pakistan

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is currently building 33 schools, 1900 housing units, and 23 health care centers all over Pakistan, as part of a relief package given for the flood and earthquake victims in Pakistan.

The regional director for the Saudi Campaign for Relief of Pakistani People, Dr. Khaled Mohammed Al Othmani, stated that the housing units are being built in Gilgit – Baltistan, and Balochistan, whereas the health centers and schools are being built in Sindh, Kashmir, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Balochistan.[irp]

In October of 2005, an earthquake measuring 7.6 magnitudes ripped through the entire region, causing 75,000 deaths, 128,000 injuries as well as displacing more than 3.5 million people from their homes.

Al Othmani stated that they are also repairing 48 mosques which had been damaged by the earthquake. He further disclosed plans of opening several drinking water projects in the country which includes the sinking of artesian wells in different parts of the country.

Othmani added that they are planning on organizing an integrated relief effort by establishing health centers, housing units, mosques, hospitals, drinking water plants, and orphanages. Othmani also stated that the campaign would completely restructure those areas that were damaged by the earthquake.

He added that they will also be providing all sort of emergency relief for the victims of the flood that hit Pakistan six years ago. Al Othmani said that the King of Saudi Arabia, King Salman, wants the Kingdom to play an integral role in providing relief to the friendly countries that are hit by war, flood or earthquake.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will stand by all of the victims of various natural disasters as a part of their humanitarian mission. He added that we want to deepen the solidarity and unity amongst the Muslim countries, by helping each other during times of disaster and crises.

Speaking on the emergency relief program, Al Othmani stated that it will involve providing clothing, food, drinking water, shelter, agricultural support as well as facilities for education and vocational training.

They will also be building and equipping other medical centers and renovate mosques. He stated that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will stand by Pakistan and its people during troubled times. He highlighted the strong relations that both countries have had since a long time.

The floods occurring in July of 2010, affected upwards of 25 million Pakistanis living in the country and hence the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has launched a nationwide campaign to raise funds in order to support the victims. Pakistan has been hit by several devastating floods and a few earthquakes in the years to follow too.

Al Othmani stated that the Kingdom has carried out various water, educational and healthcare projects in remote areas or those areas in dire need of services. The earthquake had several damaged the public water network and hence people were drinking contaminated water.

This, in turn, caused the spread of diseases in the region. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia dug wells and reconstructed the water networks.

Source: Al Arabiya