Pakistani mother burned her daughter alive in the honor killing

A Pakistani woman has been arrested on Wednesday after she doused her own daughter with kerosene and burnt her alive. The crime of the daughter was she had defied her entire family and had married another man that she was in love with.

This statement was made by the police. A police official, Sheikh Hammad, stated that the killing had taken place in the eastern region of the city of Lahore, the cultural hub and one of the biggest and busiest cities in the entire country.[irp]

The mother was arrested the very same day as the murder. Above 1000 women are reportedly killed every year, in the name of the nonexistent honor killings in the country of Pakistan, usually for defying the conservative customs and norms on marriage and love, or for defying their family’s orders. 

The mother and suspect in the case, Parveen Rafiq, blatantly confessed to restraining her 18-year-old daughter, named Zeenat, and tied her to a cot. After this, she, along with her son Ahmar, Zeenat’s brother, poured the kerosene oil on their daughter/sister and set her on fire. 

The daughter who had been killed in Lahore, Zeenat, had only last month gotten married before a magistrate of the court, to a motorcycle mechanic, Hasan Khan.

Around three days ago, the uncle and the mother of the young girl visited her in her new home to try and persuade her to return home and then have a formal wedding ceremony which would be done in the traditional family function way. This was their idea so that people would not label her as somebody who had eloped, her entire life.

The husband, Hasan Khan, spoke to a local news network, GEO NEWS, and stated that his wife was fearful and feared the worst as a retaliation of her bold move to marry somebody against the wish of the family. Khan obviously did not know this and despite the wife pleasing him not to let her go, or they would kill her, he let her go back home for the last time.

In a similar case, Maria Bibi, a school teacher was violently attacked and then set ablaze only last week after she had refused to get married to a man who was twice her age. Fortunately, Maria Bibi could give her statement to the law enforcement agencies prior to her death.

In her statement, she stated that 5 men broke into her home, dragged her outside to an open area where they beat her and then set her on fire. The prime suspect in the case is the father of the man that she had refused to get married to, along with 4 accomplices is now in custody.

Around a month ago, the police had arrested 13 members of a defunct and illegal tribal council that had strangled a girl and then set her on fire. Her crime was helping her friend elope. The completely charred body of Ambreen Riasat, aged 17 was found inside a burned-up van.

Source: Saudi Gazette