SR 300 Oil is available to get rid of Black Magic Spells, Jinns, and Bad Spirits

Traders inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are now offering what they call blessed products which claim to cure all magical spells along with any bad souls, spirits and other ailments any individual might have. This is obviously a successful attempt by traders to cash in on the increasing demand by the anxious customers. Any customer who wishes to rid themselves of bad spirits, black magic can now, according to these traders, easily do so by spending between SAR 250 and SAR 300 and buy these so called blessed products. Everything from food items to makeup and cosmetics have these stickers on them claiming they are blessed by recitation. In accordance to a report, all that the person reciting the blessings does is blow some breaths on saffron or Zamzam oil.[irp]

Although these people blessing the products do not have their own outlets, their products are spreading through the market and are gaining immense popularity not only in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but in the entire Gulf region. Executive vice president of medicine at the SFDA or Saudi Food and Drug Authority, Dr. Ibrahim Al Jafali stated that the perfume shops are not permitted to sell such types of items. Anybody who is seeking to launch any sort of herbal product must first register their products with the SFDA. E.V.P. Al Jafali also added that these types of shops are regularly and closely monitored by the SFDA with the help of local municipalities. The monitoring agencies, however, do not directly intervene in the case of herbal products which claim that they can remove the effects of evil spirits and black magic.

Despite having being given several warnings, manufacturers and shop owners are fighting hard to win over customers who are seeking a cure for panic attacks, fear, depression or obsession. These products are also used to exorcize jinns or evil spirits and to also get rid of any effect of black magic. For instance, there is a mixture made of saffron and safflower which is packed into small bottles and available for sale under the guise of being blessed.

Each product or bottle has verses from the Quran printed on them to make them look as “blessed” as possible. This mixture is then either used to clean specific areas affected by magic or the user can also drink it. There is also the Sabkha, which is entirely different from each other, depending solely upon the recitation. These blessed products are mixed with barley, henna, side`, garlic, and fenugreek. These blessed products can also reportedly completely cure mental diseases and minds of those people who suffer from fantasies.[irp]

Next up are the infertility herbal treatments and those for delayed pregnancy etc. these water bottles that are not even sealed are sold for a sum of SAR 5 each, stated a shopkeeper in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The shopkeeper was adamant that these products work as the person reciting the blessings knows everything.

Source: Arab News