Saudi Teacher died during her farewell ceremony after 30 years of Service

A Saudi national teacher collapsed and passed away just as she was being honored on her retirement after she spent 30 years of her life in teaching. The Saudi teacher, Mariam Al Ghamdi suffered a huge heart attack right in the middle of the ceremony which had been held in honor of her 30 years of teaching. An ambulance was immediately called in and the medics tried their best to revive her, however, her body did not respond to the revival attempts. This was reported by the Al Madina Saudi daily. Al Ghamdi, who had been a teacher all her life at a school located in Al Khobar, was also mourned by the general director of education of the Eastern Province district, who also came forward to offer his deepest condolences to the family of the deceased teacher.[irp]

Abdul Rahman Al Mudaireis stated that our solace or comfort is that she left behind an extremely positive legacy, thanks to her dedication and devotion throughout her years as a teacher and an educationist. He also added that the teacher has rightfully earned the love and respect of all her peers, students and everybody around her, and we all pray to Allah to reward her for the wonderful deeds and service provided by her during her life. As the news was shared on several of the social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, along with the websites of several news agencies, online users and viewers expressed their deepest sympathies to the family of the deceased teacher and have also prayed for the soul of the teacher. Anybody who knew the teacher Mariam Al Ghamdi described her as a truly outstanding individual who cared a great deal about other people.

One user writing under the name of Night Stillness wrote on a social media platform that they were one of her former students and the user testifies that she was not only an outstanding individual but also extremely gentle and a benevolent teacher. The user also prayed to God to bless her soul. Several other users, along with numerous ex-students of the late teacher Al Ghamdi paid their tribute to her commitment, work ethics, and extremely high morals.

Some users also came forward to say that the late teacher was not only known for her services in the field of education, as she has also done a lot of charitable work for those who are less fortunate. They too prayed for the soul of the deceased. Though I personally have not had the luxury of studying under someone who seems to be one of the best teachers out there, anybody reading the constant prayers, praise and grief from online users, especially her former students, shows truly what an outstanding individual Mariam Al Ghamdi must have been.[irp]

We also pray for the soul for the deceased teacher who spent her life teaching generations after generations and playing an essential part in the development of not only the students but the world around them.

Source: Gulf News