Daughters in Aleppo ask fathers to kill them before being raped by armed forces

We all are aware of the condition in Syria and what children and women are facing every day over there. Mass executions have begun where children and women are murdered or burned alive. There are intense bombing and destruction of houses and apartments, sweeping the whole population.

This did not end here. Women are ruthlessly raped in the region now. This situation is surely depressing. It is a tough time for the people in Aleppo. Men, women, and children are pleading to help them and save them.

The situation is worst to the extent that the roads of Aleppo are crowded with dead bodies and women raped in every other house. The condition is this bad that women are now looking for fatwas to allow them to suicide before being raped.

The news is very rapidly spreading on the social media that fathers in Eastern Aleppo are consulting scholars and ulemas to ask them if they can kill their daughters before they are raped in front of them. Women fear to be a target of Iranian militias and several other armed groups.

A religious leader and prominent Syrian Islamic scholar, Muhammad Al Yaqoubi, tweeted this Tuesday that he is receiving queries from men in Aleppo that if a man can kill his wife, sister or daughter to save them from rape from the armed forces.

A message from a girl in Aleppo is also circulating on the social media which is addressed to the religious scholars and leaders around the world or whoever is responsible for this task, stating that she is alive and safe but is soon going to be one of the rape victims.

She said that she does not need any prayers as she is alive and capable of praying herself to ask Allah to help them through this situation. She just requested the world to not judge her or curse her when she suicides.

She added that she does not care if she is doomed to hell but she wants to do it no matter what. She is suiciding because she is not all grown up for rape. Her father died out of sorrow and fear and now she wants to prevent herself from being a source of pleasure for the armed forces.

The message was strong to shake everyone from inside. She ended her statement by saying that she does not care what people think of her. She surely will be judged after this suicide but she died untouched and pure.

The life of the residents of Aleppo is not less than the hell. They are either forced to shift or they await the forces. While writing this article, my heart is crying out of pain. I wish I could do something to stop this injustice, mass killing and bring peace in Syria.

Saudi Arabia along with many other countries has been trying its best to bring peace to these areas but other Muslim countries and the entire world should also stand up.

International Media should also focus on these issues as they are human beings before being Muslims. The silence of United Nations and other Muslim Countries is killing these innocent souls. Please pray for them.

Source: Al Arabiya