A Bride was denied entry to the Haram Makkah for wearing wedding dress

A woman of Arab descent had to be told by the security authorities that she could not physically enter the Grand Mosque located in Makkah. The reason that she could not enter the Grand Mosque was that she had been wearing a wedding dress.

The groom and his bride approached the Grand Mosque which is home to the Holy Kaaba. For those of you who may not know, the Holy Kaaba is the direction towards which each Muslims makes their daily prayers.

The bride and groom were stopped while entering the mosque by the guards and security personnel that had been deployed there.

The security forces then proceeded to explain to the newly married couple that Muslim women were not allowed into the Grand Mosque in a wedding dress as it is a highly spiritual place and its sanctity must be respected always under any circumstances.

The bride was then provided with an appropriate veil which covered her from head to toe. Once she had worn that, the bride and groom were allowed to enter the Grand Mosque.

The veil brought the woman’s clothing in line with the modesty and dress code for the haram. The haram is considered by each and every Muslim as being the holiest site in the entire world. This was reported by the local Saudi news website Sabq.

Many of the readers and internet users shared a collective shock over the request of the bride, and her attempt to enter the Grand Mosque without a veil.

Several of the people commented that everybody including the newly married couple should be respectful of any rules, regulations and dress codes which have been put in place to uphold the sanctity of the Grand Mosque and the Holy Kaaba, the center point of the entire Islamic world.

Though this might seem surprising and shocking to most of the readers, this is oddly not the first time that the security personnel and guards at the Grand Mosque had to deal with people.

There have been several odd attempts to get inside the Grand Mosque without complying with the rules of the Grand Mosque. Only recently we wrote about a man, who tried to enter the Grand Mosque with his bicycle and was adamant that it was safer with him inside than it was outside.

Naturally, the man was not allowed to enter the Grand Mosque and was turned away. Recommended: A cyclist was stopped from Entering to Masjid al Haram in Makkah

Though there are some general guidelines as to what you can and cannot bring into any mosque, and this is something most Muslims know in the back of their head. However, in the case of the Grand Mosque, one should be even more so careful.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a country with a highly conservative society; hence it does not seem like a good idea to go against the rules, regulations and dress codes of the country. Women in the Kingdom are not allowed outside without their veil.

Source: Gulf News