Saudi barber shop shut down for rejecting to serve handicapped man in Jazan

A few days back there was a social issue raised related to unequal treatment with a handicapped man in barber's shop in Jazan. Jazan is a city of Saudi Arabia. It is also known as Jizan. Jazan is basically a port city which lies in the southwest part of the Kingdom.  The incident got into notice when the case was reported to the Municipality of Jazan by that young man. This young man who is handicapped went to the barber shop in Jazan for his hair cut. The Saudi barber said to his handicapped customer to sit in the barber's chair for a haircut as he is unable to give a proper haircut without setting his clients on that chair. The young handicapped customer refused to do so as he was not able to move out of his chair. Because of this, the barber rejected him for a haircut.[irp]

A very serious and harsh attitude was noticed from the Barber who just refused to serve a handicapped young man. The complaint was filed by the young man who was handicapped by foot but has full right to live like a normal person. The case was registered to the Municipality of Jazan which went into the further necessary investigation. After the investigations, the municipality decided to shut down the Saudi barber’s shop for rejecting to serve a handicapped customer.

The handicapped customer’s statement was that he was not able to move to the barber’s chair so he wanted to have a cut in his wheelchair. Whereas the Barber's statement for the customer was that every client needs to sit in the barber’s chair for his desired haircut. This is basically rejecting a young man just because of a disability in him. Saudi Barber violated the moral values and became a source of negative vibes for special people who are suffering from any kind of disability.

The decision was welcomed by the social media. Social media users expressed their views on this decision by stating that it was a great and positive step taken which is correct and extremely necessary. One of the posts shared was in terms of giving a salute for the courageous step taken by young man. This young man proved that believing in yourself is the first step and important for success, no matter what people think about you.[irp]

We should take firm actions to make sure that everybody follows the laws and does not show any kind of discrimination among people. This kind of arrogant attitude becomes a source of discrimination among people which are disabled or lack something.

The one, doing this act should be highly punished. For this barber, comments were made that shutting down his shop was a very less punishment. He should be charged 100 lashes as well as should be imprisoned to set an example for others so that nobody dares to do such thing in future ever.

Source: Gulf News