Learn to say most common words in the Urdu Language

Urdu is the national language in Pakistan and state language of many states in India. It is the state language of Indian states of Jammu and Kashmir, Telangana, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh & Delhi. The Urdu language has been spoken all around Pakistan and more than 300 million people in India speak Urdu. Talking about India, even if they don’t know how to speak Urdu, at least 70% of their population understands Urdu. It has been spoken and understood in Nepal and Bangladesh as well. If you talk about Saudi Arabia, more than 15% of the total population of Saudi Arabia belong to above mentioned 4 countries. Urdu is widely spoken and understood by the citizens of these countries. Today, I am going to give you a short lesson to learn to say most common words in the Urdu Language.[irp]

1-Hello: Assalaam-o-Alaikum (if you are first to say Hello)

2-Hello: “Wa'alaikum Salaam” (reply to Assalaam-o-Alaikum)

3-How are you?: Kya haal hey?

4-Who are you?: Aap kaon hain?

5-I don`t know.: Main nahin janta

6-What is your name?: Aap ka naam kya hai?”

7-My name is Adam: Mera naam Adam hai

8-My name is Sophia: Mera naam Sophia hai

9-Goodbye: “Allah hafez” OR “Khuda hafez”

10-Take care: “Fee aman'nillah” OR “Apna khiyal rakhna”

11-Welcome: “Khush'aamdid”

12-Thanks: “Shukriya”

13-Thank you so much: “Boht Boht Shukriya” OR “Barhi mehrbani” OR “Barhiaa mehrbani”

14-I got you: “Me samajh giya”

15-Okay!: “Jee” OR “Jee Haan” OR “Theek hai!” OR “Sahih!” OR “Achha!”

16-Good morning: “Subb bakhair”

17-Good night: “Shabb bakhair”

18-Where do you live?: “Aap rehtay kidhar hain?” OR “Aap kahan rehtayhain?”

19-I'm from London: “Me London say hoo” OR “Me London ka hoo”

20-Where are you? “Aap Kahaan ho”

21-Where is Hospital (or any location)? “Hospital Kahaan hai”

22-Human: Insaan

23-Man: “Mard”

24-Woman: Orat

25-People: Logg OR “Avaam” OR “Khalqat”

26-Friend: Dost OR “Yaar” (close friend)

27-Boy: Larka

28-Girl: Larkee

29-Daughter: Beti

30-Son: Beta”

31-Mother: Ammi, Formal: Walida

32-Father: Abba OR “Abbu” OR Baba, Formal: Waalid

33-Wife: Bivee OR “Zaoja”

34-Husband: Shaohar OR “Miaan”

35-Brother: Bhai (formal and informal) or Bhaiya (informal)

36-Sister: Behn (formal) OR Baji, Apa, Api, “Apiya” (informal)

37-Paternal Grandmother: Daadi

38-Paternal Grandfather: Daada

39-Maternal Grandmother: Nani

40-Maternal Grandfather: Nana


42-Daughter's daughter: Nawasi

43-Son's daughter: Poti

44-Daughter's son: Nawasa

45-Son's son: Pota

46-Sister's daughter: Bhaanji

47-Brother's daughter: Bhaatiji


49-Sister's son: Bhaanja

50-Brother's son: Bhaatija

51-Dad's Sister: Phuppo

52-Dad's Sister's Husband: Phuppa

53-Dad's Sister's Kids: Khala-zad Bhai (male) and Khala-zad Bahen (female)

54-Dad's Brother: Taya (father's older brother) and Chacha (father's younger brother)

55-Dad's Brother's Wife: Tai (if brother is older) and Chachi (if brother is younger)

56-Dad's Brother's Kids (older): Taya-zad Bhai (male) and Taya-zad Bahen (female)

57-Dad's Brother's Kids (younger): Chacha-zad Bhai (male) and Chacha-zad Bahen (female)

58-Mother's Sister: Khala

59-Mother's Sister's Husband: Khalu

60-Mother's Sister's Kids: Khala-zad Bhai (male) and Khala-zad Bahen (female)

61-Mother's Brother: Mamu

62-Mother's Brother's Wife: Mumani

63-Mother's Brother's Kids: Mamu-zad Bhai (male) and Mamu-zad Bahen(female)

64-In-laws: Susraal

65-Mother-in-law: Saas OR “Khush'daman” (name showing respect)

66-Father-in-law: Sussar

67-Daughter-in-law: Bahu

68-Son-in-law: Damaad

69-Brother's wife: Bhaabi

70-Sister's husband: Behn'oi

71-Wife's sister: Saali

72-Wife's sister's husband: Hum-zulf

73-Husband's sister: Nand

74-Husband's sister's husband: Nand'oi

75-Wife's brother: Saala

76-Wife's brother's wife: Salhaj

77-Husband's older brother: Jaayth

78-Husband's older brother's wife: Jaythani

79-Husband's younger brother: Daywar

80-Husband's younger brother's wife: Daywrani

81-Animal: “Haiwaan” OR Janwaar

82-Dog: Kutta

83-Cat: Billi

84-Bird: Parinda

85-Parrot: Tota

86-Duck: Bathakh

87-Snake: Saanp

88-Rat: Chuha

89-Horse: ” Ghorha “

90-Pigeon: ” Kabutar”

91-Crow: “Kawwa”

92-Fox: “Loomrhi”

93-Goat: “Bakri”

94-Predator: “Darinda”

95-Lion: “Sher”

96-One: Aik

97-Two: Dou

98-Three: Teen

99-Four: Chaar

100-Five: Paanch

101-Six: Chhay

102-Seven: Saat

103-Eight: Aatth

104-Nine: Nau

105-Ten: Dus

106-Hundred: Sao

107-Thousand: Hazaar

108-Hundred Thousand: Laakh

109-Ten Million: Crore

110-Road: Sarhak OR “Raah”

111-Hospital: Haspatal or Dawa-Khana

112-Bathroom: Ghusl-khana

113-Balcony: Deewan-Khana

114-Room: Kamra

115-You: Tum, formal: Aap

116-We: Ham

117-Where: Kahaan

118-How: Kaise

119-How Much: Kitnaa

120-When: Kab

121-Money: Paisaa

122-Way or Path: Raasta OR “Ravish”

123-Correct direction: Saheeh Raasta

124-Why: Kyoon

125-What are you doing?: Kyaa kar rahe ho?

126-Have your lunch/dinner: Khaana khaa lo

127-Today: Aaj

128-Yesterday and Tomorrow: Kal