Check Online if you need to pay SR 2,000 as Umrah Visa Fee

In the beginning of August 2016, the Saudi government announced that they are going to increase the Umrah visa fee from the beginning of the Islamic year 1437 which has been implemented. We have come to know that in many countries, agents have been overcharging SR 2,000 from pilgrims even in the cases where they are not required to make this payment. We decided to enlighten our readers about the rule of charging this additional Umrah Visa Fee and how they can check online if they need to pay SR 2,000 to stamp Umrah Visa.

The Rule regarding Umrah Visa Fee of SR 2,000: You are not required to pay additional Umrah Visa Fee of SR 2,000 for performing one Umrah in one Hijri Year. Let’s say you have performed Umrah in the month of Rabi ul Awwal and you are planning to come back for another Umrah in the month of Ramadan, you must pay additional SR 2,000 for the Umrah in Ramadan. However, if you decided to come back for Umrah in the month of Muharram next Hijri year, there is no need to pay the fee. There have been many rumors in the market that the Umrah Visa fee has been waived off. 

Check Online if you need to pay SR 2,000 as Umrah Visa Fee: Saudi Government has launched an online portal with which you can easily check if you are required to pay SR 2,000 Umrah Visa fee at any point in time. We will guide you step by step how you can check online if you need to pay additional SR 2,000 as Umrah Visa fee. First, open the below link on your computer screen

You need to enter your passport number, select your nationality and enter the image code in the required fields. Once you have entered all this information, just click on the “Submit” button.[irp]

A new screen will open, where you can see if you need to make payment of additional fee of SR 2,000 as Umrah Visa Fee. As you can see in the attached image, it is written that “Not required to make payment for Umrah Visa”.[irp]

If you have already performed an Umrah in the current Hijri year, you must pay additional SR 2,000 as Umrah Visa fee. In this case, attached screen will appear on your computer with a message “Required to make a payment of additional SAR 2000 for Umrah Visa”

  • Shawkat Ali Khan

    Parents, relatives or family members coming on Umrah Visa are legally allowed to visit Riyadh or other cities [other than Makkah & Madinah & Jeddah]]? If someone have information, may please share.

  • Syed Muzamil Ali

    what about if someone comes for Hajj visa?? I mean if someone is coming for Umrah now and have plan to do Hajj this year too. Will they have to pay additional SR 2000??

  • We have shared an article on this subject. Please search it on this blog

  • Shawkat Ali Khan

    Mr. Steve, I tried / searched for the information but could not found. May please reply with a link to get it. Thanking you