How I removed SR 3,000 Fine for crossing red signal by creating a traffic dispute

I think most of us have become the victim of the Saher Cameras as sometimes we miss to follow traffic rules and regulations. I personally feel that this kind of measures taken by the Saudi Government is in the benefits of the public. I personally have been fined once for crossing red signal but at that time the fine for crossing red signal was SR 500. I knew that I had committed a mistake so I didn’t create any dispute on MOI website and just paid the fine. However, if you believe that you have done nothing wrong, you have an option to create a dispute with traffic police. Recommended: Procedure to Challenge/Dispute Traffic Violation[irp]

One of our readers Mr. Usman Hameed has shared his experience of creating a dispute for the traffic violation and finally getting success in it. One day, I received a message from the traffic police for crossing red signal for which they fined me SR 3,000. I was shocked as I had not done anything wrong and not crossed the red signal. Immediately, I checked my MOI account the time and location for the traffic accident and found that the traffic violation took place in Jeddah. I live in Riyadh, I had not been to Jeddah at that time. I created a dispute online using my MOI account. Recommended: Get Location and Time of Traffic Violation

I waited for a week but there was no progress regarding my online dispute. I was afraid that the traffic violation fine could get doubled if I don’t pay it on time. I didn’t even want to pay the fine for the traffic violation I have never committed. Finally, I decided to visit traffic police office in Nasariya 24°39'20″N 46°41'11″E. I had to face some trouble to find the building of Saher cameras. Once I found that building, I went inside and explained the whole scenario to the officers.

I was referred to different officers a couple of time where I had to explain everything again and again. The traffic police officers were very cooperative there although I was thinking that they would be rude and not helpful. I asked them to show me the pictures taken by the Saher Camera for my car and they asked me to wait. They asked me to provide my Violation ID. Make sure you are carrying your Violation ID number to the traffic police. Recommended: How to Find Traffic Violation Number Online?[irp]

When they showed me pictures, I could figure out that it was not my car and they had fined me by mistake. There was a one-digit difference between the actual violator’s car registration number and my car registration number. They gave me a form to fill in Arabic to substantiate the dispute. The form was simple requiring general information like Iqama number, name and reason for creating the dispute. After that, I had to get it signed by the traffic officer and his manager and submit it back to them. Within two days, my traffic violation was removed from my MOI Account.

  • Saeed Ahmed Siddiqui

    I submitted 700 SR for my Multiple Exit / Reentry Visa, now I wants to refund it through my bank, but when I request at Net banking, it says “No amount found” while 700 SR is showing at my Absher account as well as in the bank as available fund, can anyone help me to know that how I can refund this amount.

  • Syed Bilal

    Wow. Thats amazing. Really simple and easy. But can you please confirm if the Screen Shot is from the Victum’s Abshar Account?
    As it says VIOLATION FEE :300 and not 3000 😉

    But why 3000 is so famous for each fine 😉

  • Syed Bilal

    Can anyone help me with evidence?
    I have read alot of articles and seen many snapshots of SR: 3000 or SR: 6000 Fine but personally i have never seen anyone who got or paid 3000 or 6000 fine for any violation.

    But i have met a person who paid just SR:300 against the violation.

  • Syed Bilal

    Just check the options in your bank account carefully. You will find that there. I have done it before

  • Saeed Ahmed Siddiqui

    Thanks Bilal, no other option available on Net Banking, and as per Bank they can’t help, go to MOI.

  • No the screenshot is not related to that violation.

  • Why don’t you try it once:)? Crossing a red signal with saher cameras on

  • Syed Bilal

    Sure! Why not? I will do it daily if you let me drive your car 😉 hahahahaaaa…..

  • abdulrazzaq

    Mr steve can i am abel to transfer my car ownership in case i already received final exit please reply me as soon as possible please

  • Zohaib


    Yesterday, one signal was constantly red at one of saher camera. We waited for signal to be green. However, that was not turning to green. So cars in front of me started to cross the red signal and i also crossed and there was no flash. Is it violation?

  • Let me know if you receive any violation ticket, I will explain how to challenge it.

  • Zohaib

    Bro, there was no flash. Altough we were crossing on red.I have not received until now. Normally is this act is considered as violation?

  • Rawoof Ahmed

    Dear Steve,

    Yesterday, i.e. on Friday 08.09.2017 at about 5:30 PM i jumped the Red signal by mistake as my mind was thinking something else. There were no cars at the signal while it was red and it makes me to slip my mind and cross the red signal. But after i crossed the red signal there was no flash. Did the camera catches me or not ??? I am worried. It was a slip of mind mistake. Not willingly. …. Please advise

  • Rawoof, I received your email but did not have time to answer it. No Flash, no detection.

  • Imms

    Dear Steve, yesterday night when i was returning from Makkah with my family 2 incidents happen with me and i am very stressed because of it, in Makkah on a signal i took left turn and i am sure the signal was green or may be blinking it was around 2:30 am and i was alone on signal after crossing when i reached at the center of the road i found 2 flashes blinked back to back and when i completed the turn there was one more flash from the camera where i turned left camera which i saw from my mirror. can you tell me will i receive fine
    2nd incident :- about 200 Kms before Riyadh 2 police men just keeping drums for checking and one police show me signal from his hand to slow down or stop i dont understand so i slow down my vehicle a bit but didnt stopped completely then i took my car a side at the left side of the highway road and stopped and i went back to police to ask whats the issue he asked me my Iqama and my documents he checked every thing and gave me a yellow paper, dont know what is has written on it because it is not visible. i check in traffic violations there is penalty of 3000- 6000 for not stopping at check pint but it was just miss understanding and didnt ran away i stopped a head and he checked my papers and gave a ticket also. can you tell me how much penalty he will make for me or what is the procedure to challenge it.

  • 1. Wait for a couple of days, if you receive a message from Maroor, it means you have violated the signal rules./
    2.I would appreciate if you can attach the copy of the violation ticket issued to you for my comment.

  • Faheem

    On 26th Oct. 2017, Khobar driving school signal was turned on (green) in front of me and I was 4th one in the vehicle queue from first car in first lane of road. Usually, this signal keeps on for 60 seconds or more as I crossed it frequently but on that day it started blinking just after 2nd car crossing the signal. I thought there is some problem in signal function hence, I crossed as well as my back car also crossed the signal behind me. I noticed, camera flash over me and after that I observed two traffic police men were there and might be they started to operate the signal light manually. Now after 5 days I got violation ticket of Sr. 3000. If I go for dispute/challenge, what would be expected?
    Looking for valuable response.

  • If the traffic signal is red, it is red. You are not allowed to cross it. They might have turned it red manually due to some other issues. I can just hope that you will be successful in your claim. However, I would appreciate if you can go and check yourself and share with us your experience.

  • Faheem

    OK thanks, sure

  • M. Tariq Aziz

    Missed the service road and made a right turn at intersection, thinking right turns are OK.
    3 days later received a 3000 fine. Paid, but no Jail (AlHamdulillah)

    I’ve been always doing right turns on intersections with saher flashing and received no fine.
    But that’s for intersection with no service road.

    Putting this up for general public awareness.