Lifetime Free food to anyone naming his child “Shawarma”

With changing taste buds, the food industry is flourishing day by day. These days there is an increasing demand in this sector. The primary or basic principle of a restaurant is to provide their customers with best possible service by introducing great economical deals and offers. To win in this race, restaurants try to find various ways for their marketing in most efficient manner. Restaurants are now using different strategies and using social media for their promotion.  There is an entirely new strategy highlighted by a Restaurant named Shawarmer which is not only different but sort of funny. This restaurant Shawarmer is in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Shawarmer restaurant has seven branches located in different cities of the Kingdom.[irp]

Shawarmer restaurant’s main dish is its shawarma. Shawarmer restaurant announced a very interesting deal through social media. With the help of its twitter account, the restaurant announced a bumper deal offer that if anyone names his daughter or son after their famous dish “Shawarma”, they will get lifetime free food supply from Shawarmer restaurant. To reach the top and gain fame and popularity rapidly, the restaurant used this attractive scheme but this attractive offer turned into a controversial issue in the Kingdom which went in a negative way.

Saudi's openly showed dislike and bad remarks for this offer and considered it to be a highly degraded offer. Saudi's came with rejection to this offer and considered it a wrong marketing strategy used by the restaurant. They also considered it a shameful act. Few of them were shocked to know that people can stop this low and forget their moral values for the promotion of their business. It can be a source of insult to people for the sake of publicity. 

A legal expert, Khalid Al Saad reported his view to Okaz. The legal expert’s views were the same as the public. Khalid Al Saad stated that the naming one’s child after a food item for the sake of lifetime free food implies a negative impact on the child.

It will give him a miserable feeling for the rest of his life which can never be undone. Our religion Islam is a religion of peace and it teaches us to respect our fellow human beings. This type of act is not acceptable. Saudi rules and laws need to ban such conditional deals and restaurant as it promotes violence among people and serves as an attack on someone's respect. It’s a major insult which should not be accepted in any form.

A Saudi said that some needy or selfish people might avail the deal and name their kid by “shawarma” but what would happen to that child? Nobody wants to think that. Therefore, there must be serious action taken against such kind of promotional deals which demean anyone.[irp]

This kind of marketing strategies or publicity offers which hurt people's self-respect; especially targeting people who are facing some financial crises and can't enjoy restaurant meals easily should be banned. By giving hope to them in this way makes no sense and any restaurant that comes up with any such kind of deal should get serious punishment.

Source: Gulf News