SR 300 fines for not stopping vehicles for disabled pedestrians

Any motorist who fail to stop his vehicle whenever a special needs pedestrian is crossing the road will be fined a monetary sum of SAR 300. The motorists in violation of this law can also be imprisoned or even be penalized with both penalties. This was stated by a source close to the General Directorate of Transport in the Makkah newspaper. Those individuals with special needs have a fear of crossing the roads as several of the motorists do not even slow down their vehicle for them let alone stop completely to allow them to pass. The source added that just being aware of the pedestrians with disabilities is one of the vital traffic laws.[irp]

All motorists who do not slow down their speed whenever an individual with special needs is crossing the roads are in direct violation of the traffic laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The source further stated that the inspectors will be taking complete recordings of the violations. The department has also welcomed all reports of violations from the citizens. The law and upholding it is the responsibility of no individual but of all the residents and citizens. Now through various efforts by the government and concerned authorities, reporting such crimes and violations has become extremely easy. This should be a basic gesture for all people who are crossing the roads.

As we all know well, the temperatures in the Kingdom, especially during the sunlight hours, is in no way pleasant, so all motorists who are traveling in their air-conditioned vehicles under the shade of their car roof should allow the pedestrians to cross the road. It will only take less than a minute, however, the pedestrian, whether with special needs or not can cross the road easily and will probably also bless you for stopping or allowing them to pass.

Meanwhile, the Al-Riyadh daily has reported that the Passport Department in Qassim has just launched a branch new service for any visitors to the Passport Department that might have any sort of disability or special needs. The disabled and special needs visitors to the passport department can now use the brand-new drive-through service to have their documents processed without having to even get out of their vehicles. Well, personally I think such a thing has previously been unheard of. Honestly, can anybody tell me any other government office that has a drive thru counter for any purposes let alone have one dedicated solely to those individuals who are either disabled or have any sort of special needs?[irp]

Once again the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has done something that was previously unheard of, which only shows the commitment of the authorities in the Kingdom to try and make the everyday lives and formalities as easy as possible for the citizens of the Kingdom as well as the expatriates residing in the Kingdom who also must regularly visit such offices to have their paperwork processed.

Source: Saudi Gazette