Nurse Investigated for wearing makeup which lures patients

Women in Saudi Arabia must take hijab when they leave their house. There are certain rules and regulations for women as this is an Islamic country and the laws are made per Shariah. According to the law, a woman needs to be covered properly.

Especially in workplaces, these women need to follow strict rules to work in the department. In Yanbu, an incident came to light where it was revealed that a nurse was investigated for putting on makeup while at work. 

The picture circulating in news shows that the nurse is wearing a protective mask through which hardly her face can be seen but it complained that she wears too much makeup which attracts patients and is not good under the Islamic Laws.

At the Yanbu General Hospital, the health department opened an investigation into this act. Complaints were sent to the director of nursing of a female worker wearing makeup.

Dr. Ahmed Al Sughair, who is the director of health affairs in the region, ordered this investigation after the exchange of accusations. According to the locals, the nurse herself brought this matter into the consideration of the director of health in the region as such false claims were put on her.

According to her, such false complaints were made against her because she demanded a leave from work a few days back. She said that such charges can damage her image and reputation in the hospital.

She has a good record and she knows the laws and rules of the hospital and had been following it for long. It is among the rules of health care that minimal or no makeup should be worn by women while at work.

This might attract the patients especially men. Fouad Al Duqul, the spokesperson of the Yanbu health department said that such issues are minor and internal affairs of the sector itself.

It must be dealt inside the workplace boundaries according to the rules and regulations of each establishment. On social media, different people have different comments.

According to few of them, the nurses wear makeup just to be presentable and meet the patients in good form. They should not look like patients themselves. While others suggest that this is the rule of not wearing makeup according to the Shariah for women which are right.

In this case, the complaints were not that true as it told the nurse herself that this was an action in return to her request for leave from work.

Source: Arab News