SR 100,000 Fines, Deportation and Lifetime Ban on Expatriates under Huroob

Immigration is the international expansion of natives into a particular land of which they are not residents or the place they don't have the nationality to live or stay. When people cross the country’s margins they are known as migrants or immigrants. Huroob is an Arabic expression which means Flee or Absentee or runs away (absent from work). As per Law of Saudi Arabia, the sponsor has to inform the passport department, if an expat is absent from job for a precise period of time to call him as HuroobWhen a Saudi sponsor sets Huroob for an expatriate; following 3 rules apply to him immediately.[irp]

1-His Iqama becomes useless for him, in the books of government; he is an illegal resident now

2-It will be against the law for him to live in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia

3-If he is caught by the Police or any other law enforcement agency, he will be deported from Saudi Arabia through exile centers also called “Tarheel”.

In Jeddah, Al-Madinah Arabic everyday newspaper quoted that the Director of Makkah passports police name Maj. Gen. Khalafallah Al-Tuwairqi, said that the employees who run away from their sponsors and stated as Huroob will not at all be permitted to revisit the Kingdom again. He said that any expat who runs away will be charged SR100, 000, deported and banned from entering the country again. Al-Tuwairqi said that last year there were 480,000 immigrants, who dishonored the rules of residency and employment in Makkah area, and so were expelled out of the Kingdom.

He told the newspaper that 16,386 immigrants and locals, as well as women, were charged with keeping or protecting banned immigrants. Tuwairqi said that a number of immigrants were living in the country with invalid expired visit visas and that some of their families were living illegally. The Director instructed Saudi locals to not give shelter or support to illegal immigrants and said that if it happens, they will also be charged for up to SR100, 000 and locked up in jail for about two years, faces the conclusion of their establishments and disallowed from employment for five years.

If a sponsor fails to report the runaway worker, he (sponsor) will also be penalized as it is obligatory in Saudi Work Law. The punishment for not informing about Huroob is SR 5,000 for the one time, SR 10, 000 for two times and SR 15,000 for three as well as one-month jail.  Huroob labor shall be deported at the expense of the sponsor if he fails to inform the Ministry. If Huroob worker was the sole proprietor of the business, he shall be expelled on his own expenses.

A sponsor can inform about the runaway immigrant worker by registering “Huroob” through the Ministry of Interior’s website or by calling 989. He warned both the locals and officially residing immigrants that serious actions will be taken if an attempt is made to protect or cover the banned immigrants. He said if any Umrah pilgrims remain in the Kingdom after the expiry of their visas, their behavior will be counted as unlawful.

Source: Saudi Gazette