Newly Married Saudi Soldier writes “I miss you” to his wife before he was martyred

Wars always have depressing, emotional, physical and psychological effects. The loss and consequences caused by wars can never be replaced or amended. The people suffering the most from these wars are not only the soldiers but also the families of these soldiers.  Since many decades, Saudi Arabia has been fighting against terrorism in its neighboring Arab states. The Kingdom’s relations with other Arab states have been very good but they have been fighting even on behalf of these Arab States against terrorism. These issues have now taken shape of a sort of cold war. This war results in loss of soldiers and their separation from their loved ones.[irp]

There are a lot of such stories of soldiers who are martyred in Saudi border and their families are broken. Recently, there was a heart touching story circulating on the social media of a newly married Saudi soldier who was martyred in the southwest corner of Saudi Arabia. This Saudi newly married soldier named, Tamer al Anzi just crossed his six months’ marriage anniversary. Being a soldier, he had to fulfill his duty so he left his wife at home and went to the border as it was his responsibility to protect the country. His wife named, Amani Rumelia, participated in a forum called Misk Stories which was conducted in Jeddah, the city of Saudi-Arabia.

Misk is a forum conducted and organized by Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The forum’s basic purpose is to provide a platform to youth, to share the life stories of Saudi soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the protection of their country and about the suffering families. Tamer al-Anzi’s widow in Misk forum shared the last conversation she had with her husband that day. Her husband Tamer al-Anzi sent her a message few hours before his death. Amani Ruweili received a message of “God bless you Amani” late at night by her husband.

She did not get the actual meaning of this sudden message. Then her husband sent her a voice message saying that he misses her a lot with the attachment of his smiling face picture. This was the last conversation she had with her husband and then she received the news of her husband killed by Iran-backed Houthi militias. Amani Ruweili in Misk forum stated that she feels very proud and honored to be a widow of a martyred soldier.[irp]

The soldier was killed during the clashes with the Houthis militias which lie on the borders in Jazan. Jazan is also spelled as Gizan, Jizan or Gazan, and it is a port city. This city lies in the southwest corner in Saudi Arabia and has a direct route on the north side with the border of Yemen.  The Interior Ministry of Saudi Arabia declared in his statement that the Jazan region was a target region which was attacked with shells, mortars, and rockets from the Yemen side. One soldier Tamer al Anzi was martyred and three other Saudi soldiers were wounded.

Source: Al Arabiya