• Ikram Rao
  • Thanks a ton! Your consistent input to this blog is commendable.

  • shameer kunnummal


  • Abzz 1290

    Hi, i wanted to know about (my iqama is going to expire within month. I wanted to leave ksa. Is this possible i can get final exit without renewing my iqama.

  • Arsalan


    I work in Saudi Bin Laden. My iqama got expired in January and the company is still in the process of renewing it. Since my iqama is not renewed yet, my family is also stuck here and cannot get exit. Is there a process to get final exit for my daughter while my iqamah is still pending for renewal?

    I have already tried visiting Jawazat RIyadh on King Fahd Road, Jawazat Malaz etc.. none of them is giving any support and are saying my daughter has to wait. But she cannot as she is a doctor and has to join her practice back in Pakistan.

    Please let me know if there is any way possible to get final exit issued!

  • Suleman RanGrezz

    Assalam alekum sir
    My Self Suleman MOHD Lateef I want to leave the KSA for final exit visa I have iqama validity but my iqama taken by my Kafeel he doesn’t want to give me iqama
    What is method to leave the Saudi Arabia
    My Email I’d ; [email protected]
    PLEASE give me some suggestions

  • Abdul Quavi Hassan

    i tried properly. but it says : AC3052E: Insufficient Funds
    what does it mean?
    please note that i have paid dependent fee for 2 months as mentioned.

  • have you paid dependents fee till 1st of Muharram?

  • Abdul Quavi Hassan

    thnx for the tip.
    paid till 5th muharram, to be on safe side. and it worked.

  • Jaime Jr Prado Remogat

    can you help me….i have an inquiry…may family will be leaving KSA this coming august 30, 2017 they have already a FINAL EXIT VISA.. since i dont have an annual vacation yet..i filed my vacation to go with them…but my company cannot give me exit re entry visa because they said I need to renew my iqama first…the expiration is 24/03/1439..if I renew my iqama maybe I will pay again the dependent fee for the duration of my iqama..can you answer my inquiry..thanks

  • Giovanni Omictin

    Hi I’m carrejoy from Philippines. I Would like to ask about the minimum passport validity to apply final exit visa. Can I apply final exit visa with 5 months passport valid?
    Please reply. Thank you!

  • Kannan

    Hi, I need urgent help. My iqama and my family will expired by 20 th august 2017. My company delaying in processing exit visa. On safer side I tried to apply for final exit for my family two members. I paid the dependent charge 340 (till iqama expiry date). But it says : AC3052E: Insufficient Funds. Please help me… Urgent…

  • HG

    Hi Kannan, did you manage to resolve the issue?
    Please let me know how did you solve it.
    I have the same issue, I have funds in my account SAR340 and the required is 307 SAR but still I get the same error as yourself and not able to process the visa.
    Mr. Steve, is there a workaround this? I have already issued Final Exit to two of my dependents but can’t issue to the infant. Please help.

  • Kannan

    Hi HG, the problem solved by paying 2 months more from date of exit visa apply. Because the Exit visa valid for next two month from date of visa processed. So I pay extra 200 for each family member.

  • Zaini Khan

    pay more 2 month fee because the final validity is 60days so you should pay this fee also

  • Zaini Khan

    May be i think

  • Zaini Khan

    NO need for again payment 1time visa issued so no problem

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