Procedure to reduce Iqama Renewal Fee from SR 1,150 to SR 650

Many people including me have to pay an iqama renewal fee of SR 1,150 while the normal iqama renewal fee is SR 650. You can check yourself how much Iqama renewal fee you have to pay every year through internet banking. Just try to pay the iqama renewal fee and you will figure out how much is the fee you have to pay. Normally, those people who have married in Saudi Arabia and transferred the sponsorship of their wives to their names have to pay this fee of SR 1,150. I used to think that I will have to pay this fee every year but one of our readers Mr. Disqusser explained how he reduced the fee for iqama renewal from SR 1,150 to SR 650. Recommended: Transfer of Sponsorship of Wife in Saudi Arabia[irp]

1-Please print a form from the below link and fill it up. If you cannot fill it yourself, ask government relations officer of your company to help you out. If he cannot do it, you can always go to Jawazat and ask any of the agents sitting in front of the main gate to fill it on your behalf. They will charge only SR 15 for it. If you are living in Jeddah, you need to go to the Jawazat office situated in Rehab district. Recommended: Download “Iqama Form” for Saudi Jawazat (Passport Office)

2-You need to attach following documents along with this form.

  • Copy of your Passport and Iqama
  • Copy of Wife and Children’s Passport and Iqama
  • Copy of the Marriage Certificate
  • Print out from the internet banking showing a fee of SR 1,150 for renewal of iqama

3-Attach all these documents with the form and take a token. When you reach to the counter, just mention that you want to remove wife’s Iqama fee. He will collect all the documents and check it for once.[irp]

4-If he is satisfied with the documents provided in the application, he will make appropriate changes in the system and you would be able to pay a fee of SR 650 for the iqama renewal even after 5 minutes of this process. If you have anything to say, please drop a comment below. Recommended: Payment of fee to Renew Iqama in Saudi Arabia

  • Muhamed haneefa

    Sir, actually the iqama fee of 1150 sr is mandatory to all. So i have doubt that at which basis he will accept to reduce the amount? One more thing, as per above already we are going to jawasat with online paid receipt of 1150 sr. Then how can I get the amount back? I didnt get clear idea from this. Pls explain.. thank you for information.


  • Iqama fee applicable to all is SR 650 not Sr 1150