17 conditions proposed for expats who want to marry Saudi Nationals

It is not an easy task to get married to a Saudi national. There are many conditions which have to be fulfilled to get married which take a lot of time. One of my colleagues spent years to get all those permissions which are required to marry a Saudi national. Now to make this process more difficult, around 17 amendments have been recommended to the law governing expatriate marriages with Saudi nationals. The current process to get married to a Saudi national has been explained at the end of this paragraph and 17 amendments which are proposed are also given below. Recommended: How to get Married with a Saudi Girl?[irp]

1-As stated by the new policy, Saudi men should be aged between 40 and 65 years to marry non-Saudi women.

2-A Saudi lady has to be between 30 and 55 years to marry a non-Saudi man.

3-In the case of a bodily handicapped individual or unusual needs, including being born to unknown parents, the minimum age is lowered from 30 to 27 and should be permitted by the social affairs ministry.

4-Saudi man must earn at least SR 3,000 monthly and have a valid family residence with a residence permit.

5-The woman that Saudi man wants to marry must be at least 25 years old and the age gap between the two, in all cases, must not surpass 30 years.

6-The age difference between Saudi women and the foreigner should not exceed 10 years. This is to avoid any misuse of Saudi women.

7-If the candidate is separated, he/she can remarry after two years of divorce.

8-In the case of 2nd marriage, if Saudi man is wedded with Saudi woman and needs non-Saudi second wife then he must obtain an official document from any government or private hospital mentioning that his first woman is infertile or not capable of assuming all her household tasks. The document must be approved by the Ministry of Health.

9-Saudi citizenship would not be granted to the foreign wife after marrying a Saudi man; this should be signed by the candidate on a legal document.

10-The Saudi lady has to sign a document that her wedding with an outsider did not essentially mean that her foreign husband or their kids would be given the Saudi citizenship.

11-A foreigner cannot marry a Saudi lady if he is previously married or married to a Saudi woman.

12-A foreigner should have legal documents supporting that he has no illegal record in his state of origin and in the Kingdom.

13-A foreigner should also have a clearance that he is not having any infectious or inherited disease.

14-A Saudi woman cannot marry a foreigner who has been a member of the military in a foreign country.[irp]

15-A Saudi woman cannot marry a Huroob or a person banned from entering Saudi Arabia.

16-A foreigner must not be stateless and must have a detailed nationality proved by an ID card from his country that has a validity of 12 months at least.

17-He must allow all security checks to be made out by the skilled authorities in Saudi Arabia.

Source: Saudi Gazette

  • Bazil

    Marry a Saudi woman ??? NO WAY. That will be the last thing a hard working man would do .

  • Aburiyal Bin Aburiyal

    Teheheheh can you really handle a saudi woman??? Thats an area i wud rather not even consider…

  • Mohamed DK Bazara

    Hehhhh I loved your answer to me, that´s some thing great to know that other men wouldnt even think of having a fatish heavy duty LADY

  • bashwaziri

    In all the rules and conditions of marrying a Saudi national, I couldn’t find any verse from the glorious Quran or Hadith quoted supporting this outrageous laws/conditions, yet they claim to be the caliphate of Islam.