Shajrah Nasab (Family Tree) of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W

Do you know the name of your 5th or 6th father? I am sure, 99% of you don’t know about it. Even I don’t know the name of my great grandfather. I am sure that there is no one on the earth whose forefather’s names have been saved by Allah in a way the Sharjah Nasab of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W is saved. Anyone can trace the family tree of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W from his father Abdullah to Hazrat Adam A.S. Today I am going to reproduce the family tree of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W to show how beautifully Allah has saved it.[irp]

Hazrat Muhammad peace be upon him – 570 CE

1-Hazrat Abd e Mannaf – 439 CE

2-Hazrat Abdul Mutlib – 497 CE

3-Hazrat Abqar

4-Hazrat Awad

5-Hazrat AZ

6-Hazrat Fahr – 208 CE

7-Hazrat Ghalib – 241 CE

8-Hazrat Jahim

9-Hazrat Ka’b – 307 CE

10-Hazrat Lo’i – 274 CE

11-Hazrat Ma’ad – 89 BCE

12-Hazrat Malik – 175 CE

13-Hazrat Mudar – 23 BCE

14-Hazrat Murra – 340 CE

15-Hazrat Nizaar – 56 BCE

16-Hazrat Salaman

17-Hazrat Tabikh

18-Hazrat ‘awwan

19-Hazrat Abdullah – 545 CE

20-Hazrat Abir

21-Hazrat Ad daha

22-Hazrat Adam A.S

23-Hazrat Adnan – 122 BCE

24-Hazrat Ae’fi

25-Hazrat Afnad

26-Hazrat Aiham

27-Hazrat Aisar

28-Hazrat Aizi

29-Hazrat An nadr – 142 CE

30-Hazrat Anosh

31-Hazrat Arfahshad

32-Hazrat Azar

33-Hazrat Baldas

34-Hazrat Buz

35-Hazrat Ewad

36-Hazrat Fahij

37-Hazrat Hamdan

38-Hazrat Hashim – 464 CE

39-Hazrat Hedaar

40-Hazrat Hiza

41-Hazrat Humaisa

42-Hazrat Ibrahim A.S

43-Hazrat Idrees A.S

44-Hazrat Ilyas – 10 CE

45-Hazrat Ir’awa

46-Hazrat Iraam

47-Hazrat Ismaeel A.S

48-Hazrat Khuzaima – 76 CE

49-Hazrat Kilab – 373 CE

50-Hazrat Kinana – 109 CE

51-Hazrat Lamik

52-Hazrat Makhi

53-Hazrat Malhal’il

54-Hazrat Matu Salikh

55-Hazrat Mazzi

56-Hazrat Mudraika – 43 CE

57-Hazrat Mukasir

58-Hazrat Nahis

59-Hazrat Nahish

60-Hazrat Nahur

61-Hazrat Nashid

62-Hazrat Nuh A.S

63-Hazrat Obai

64-Hazrat Qamwal

65-Hazrat Qinan

66-Hazrat Qusai – 406 CE

67-Hazrat Ra’u

68-Hazrat Saam

69-Hazrat Sami

70-Hazrat Sanbar

71-Hazrat Saruj

72-Hazrat Shees A.S

73-Hazrat Ubaid

74-Hazrat Yadlaf

75-Hazrat Yahzin

76-Hazrat Yalhan

77-Hazrat Yarid

78-Hazrat Yasribi

79-Hazrat Zarih

80-Hazrat Zeeshan