7 Steps needed to start issuing driving licenses to women in Saudi Arabia

The issue of women not being allowed to drive cars in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had been a long-standing issue. There were a few reasons as to why women were not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia; however, I will not go into that right now as now women are allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia.

What I will do however is provide the readers with a few steps, a few changes which are vital to allow the process of issuing driving licenses to women to drive on the streets of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Although there are numerous steps which need to be taken; we will discuss the most important ones.

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1-An anti-harassment law must not only be passed but should also be imposed strongly by giving deterrent and just punishment to all of the violators. Once this is done nobody would dare harass another woman and create chaos, and forcing them to stay in their homes.

2-A law must be enacted in order to prevent any of the people gathering around the site of an accident. These people can be seen not only in the Kingdom but in numerous other countries across the world. They block the patch of rescue teams and the law enforcement agencies arriving at the scene to help. They should be implicated for doing so.

3-An awareness campaign drive must be carried out in each mosque, school and also the media houses and channels in order to educate the general public that women driving cars is a basic act on humanitarian grounds. If the ignorance prevails in society, they will not accept women driving.

4-During earlier stages, specific age criteria must be set for the eligibility of female drivers. Only those female drivers who fall into the age criteria can be issued a license. It has been reported by the Ministry that the age criteria will be fixed to 18 years.

5-Strong punishment would be imposed on those people who would try to harass women behind the wheel. The mug shots of the offenders should be publicized for everybody to see and be deterred from doing so themselves. These particular steps are very important to ensure women safety on the road.

6-A female police force must be formed who will be tasked with looking after those vehicles that have female drivers, especially when they have been in an accident. This police force should also be mobile.

7-A rapid car maintenance vehicle team must be set up in order to deal with those cars with female drivers stuck on the highway. This team would operate around the clock.

Source: Saudi Gazette

  • M. Bond

    I understand the logic of trying to uphold the honor of the Muslim woman in Saudi Arabia, but what I have never understood is women are prohibited to drive but are often chauffeured by non-mahram drivers. That I don’t understand.

  • Hesham Zaman

    Just let them drive and don’t make a fussy preparation. There’s already women police, women ambulance drivers, lady doctors, nurses…so just give them their rights and stop using religion to control and oppress. We love you Saudi, you are the best country in the world, but remove the laws that oppress women. Its not halal

  • infinity

    If there are “laws that oppress women” in Saudi, how is it “the best country in the world”?

  • We don’t have laws to oppress women but to protect them.

  • infinity

    Who is “we”? You aren’t Saudi, are you?

    And don’t tell me, Hesham said that the country has “laws that oppress women”; I was only quoting him.

    And here is a suggestion, since you to protect women: Women and girls should be completely banned from leaving their homes, except for emergency medical needs. No school, no shopping, no nothing. That will cut down traffic deaths of women, rapes, abductions, harassment, and other crimes targeting women down to near zero.

    You with me on that, Steve?

  • Ricky Noynay

    steve have good day i have inquiry about my exite re entry in saudi last december 2014 now my question is can i come back to saudi arabia?

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