Saudi Husband died after 1 month of Marriage, Bride gets SR 67 million in Inheritance

A woman of Arab origin who had been living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has just recently inherited a mind-boggling sum of SAR 67 million. It doesn’t end there as the woman also inherited a villa along with the monetary sum.

It has been revealed that the woman has inherited all of this after her marriage to a Saudi man. The wealthy Saudi businessman, whose age is not certain had reportedly tied the knot with the 22-year-old Arab woman.

However, he did not inform his entire family. The formal wedding/marriage had been witnessed by only a close friend of the rich Saudi Businessman and his own brother.

The wealthy Saudi businessman died only a month after his new marriage, the cause of his death was due to a heart attack. The Saudi businessman was at the house of his new bride when the heart attack occurred.

The news story had been reported by Al Marsad, a Saudi news site. After the death of the businessman, his family straight out refused to even recognize the marriage, as none of them had either witnessed it or heard about it.

This caused the newlywed bride to lodge a formal case against the family of the businessman and demanded that her share of the inheritance should be given to her.

The lawyer of the bride produced strong evidence which clearly proved that a marriage had taken place between the Saudi man and the young woman.

The lawyer also proceeded to call the friend and brother of the deceased businessman to testify before the court that they were the witnesses to the wedding which is not being recognized by the family of the deceased.

A court in the city of Jeddah heard the case lodged by the young woman and ultimately ruled in her favor. It should be noted that the exact nationality has not been mentioned.

Of course, in these modern times of the Internet and Social media, the news was shared and talked about all around the world. There have been mixed views on the matter.

Some of the hateful people on the internet or social media platforms claim that the woman had simply married an old man for money and labeled her a gold digger.

Some people stated that they were extremely envious that one month of marriage could earn the woman what most people could not even think of earning in a few combined lifetimes.

There were also those people who came out to totally support the rights of the wife which are in line with the principles and teachings of Sharia and Islam.

Legally speaking, a wife or wives of a man have a right to inheritance once their spouse passes away, hence by excluding the young woman out of the inheritance or depriving her of it, they were actually doing something illegal, which the court rectified instantly.

Another good day, another good verdict by the Saudi courts to support what is right. She was his legally married wife and entitled to every right a wife has.

Source: Gulf News