8 reasons you must visit Oman at least once in your life

1-When you arrive in the Sultanate of Oman you will feel as if you have set foot on a set of a Hollywood movie, Visually Breathtaking. The visitors to the Sultanate often compare it to Disneyland, with its well-maintained public grounds and happy, tolerant, helpful and friendly people. No violence, no graffiti, no litter these are all the terms used to commonly describe Oman.[irp]

2-Oman is an Arabic dreamscape. There are several people who would attest the fact that there are very few better planned urban development projects planned as well as that in Oman. The details of the architecture have been mandated carefully. Several of the buildings are half a century old and have been kept in consideration while planning out the development of the surrounding areas and buildings.

3-Muscat, the capital of Oman has a tranquil hallmark on it. The word Muscat actually stands for a place of anchorage. You will find something unusual in this city in comparison to the other modern developed cities. This unusual or uncommon component of Muscat is its skyline which is free from any and all skyscrapers and tall lanky buildings. Instead of skyscrapers, you will see the traditional Arab architecture in the foreground, with the Al Hajar Mountains in the background.

4-The average home in Oman is only 2 stories and all public buildings have been allowed to reach up till six stories tall and no more. Some accommodation which is existing since the time of no air conditioning, have external stairways which would lead to a flat roof and allow people to take in what little cool wind there is in the five-month summer season in the region.

5-The minarets and domes on the mosques are extremely visually striking. The royal color of Oman is lavender; however, peacock blue, gold, royal blue and pale green colors have also been used. There is one rule about the color, i.e. that the dome and the minarets must be of the same color.

6-Another beautiful aspect of the country is the flowers which can be seen growing on the side of the roads. These are however carefully chosen in accordance with their color. Every single detail has been taken into consideration and then executed brilliantly. The flowers have been trained to mimic the color of the sky and the desert sand.

7-Oman is amongst the cleanest countries on earth. When any individual is driving on the highway or road, you will see a small scooter, motorcycle or Vespa with large sacks. This is, in fact, a litter retriever. Those individuals with a dirty vehicle in Muscat will get a ticket, which is how clean a country Oman really is.[irp]

8-On the streets, you can see men moving around in their traditional dress known as Dishdashas, which are ankle length, sleeveless breezy articles of clothing, with a dagger or khanjar set around their waistband. This allows a unique appeal to the standard Arab clothing.

Source: Saudi Gazette