2 Men dressed as women arrested in Buraidah, Saudi Arabia

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The act of trying stuff like clothing and other accessories commonly associated with the opposite gender within a particular society is known as Crossdressing. It is strictly not liked in Islam to try to copy the other gender. It has been utilized for purposes like to disguise oneself for protection or to hide identity. In Jeddah, the Police captured two young men on Tuesday, at night time for roaming around in a shopping center in Buraidah. It was told that they were dressed as ladies wearing Abayas.

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Customers in a shop suspected the two and immediately reported them to the police. It turned out that the two adolescent men were wearing hijab and cosmetics to hide their personality. They were taken into custody from inside the shopping center’s prayer area. Al-Qassim police said that the two men were Saudis in their 20s. The fundamental starting charges were laid against them and they were then given to the authorities of Bureau of Investigation and Prosecution. A man and a lady can never match in appearance or status. They both have different gaze, different style, the way of walking and react differently under different situations. There is always a reason behind whatever Allah created and so he made men and women differently.

Islam refuses to allow men to copy ladies and ladies to copy men, furthermore, it strongly forbids to such a degree that the Prophet (S.A.W) himself emphasized on not to try to go against the human nature. Islam has settled some boundaries for both men and ladies which is different. For men, the least sum should be secured is between the navel and the knee. For ladies, they should be covered and not reveal their forms except their face and hands.

Clothing that includes dressing similar to or imitating the inverse gender is strictly prohibited in Islam and doing this act is counted among big sins. The Prophet (P.B.U.H) cursed men who replicate ladies and ladies who replicate men, also he said: “Throw them out of your houses.” Narrated from (Al-Bukhari: 5885) (Sunan Abu Daawood: 4098). Apparel that includes copying the dressing style of non-Muslims, for example, the sort of clothes worn by monks and priests and wearing a cross, this is also forbidden as it is a part of some other religion. “He who imitates any people (in their actions) is considered to be one of them.” Related by Abu Dawud and Ibn Hibban graded it as Sahih. Abu Dawood 4031

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It was good to see that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia did not leave the case as it is, but instead took a strong action against these two men, punished and made them pay enough. Also, they made everyone understand that this act was not right and should be avoided in future.

Source: Arab News

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