Semi Nude Bikers arrested in Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia

A video had been circulating on various social media platforms which showed 3 young men in Saudi doing something highly inappropriate. In the video, the viewers can easily see 3 young men on their sports bike performing wheelies (raising the front tire of the bike while still moving). Though performing a wheelie may be a nuisance, it is not immoral or inappropriate. What was inappropriate though was the fact that all 3 of the men had been wearing only boxers or boxer shorts and caps. There clearly seems to be the 4th biker with them on the seeming joy ride, who cannot be seen in the video as he is behind the camera. Nothing can be said about what he had been wearing though.[irp]

The youngsters must have thought that they would create a stir for a couple of days on social media platforms and then people would just forget about it. It, however, did not go as planned. Saudi news agency, The Saudi Gazette reported that the three bikers or motorcyclists had been arrested shortly after the video went viral, on Friday. The 3 young bikers have been arrested on charges of being scantily clothed on the streets of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The spokesman for the Eastern Province Police, Colonel Ziyad Al Raqiti stated that the video showing these three men performing bike stunts while being barely clothed at all had gone viral. According to the spokesman, the motorcyclists had only been wearing underwear and a helmet.

Spokesman Al Raqiti added that the police authorities in the region were able to successfully identify the 3 young men shown in the video, only within hours of the video being circulated on social media platforms. He added that all 3 of the men are under arrest and are also scheduled to go on trial for their indecency crimes within the next few days. It is being reported that all 3 of the men arrested from the video are Saudi nationals and all in the 30’s age range.

Colonel Al Raqiti also added that all 3 of the men had been found in violation of the national dress code of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has been rightly based upon the Islamic Law and teachings. Although, what must have started out seeming to be a harmful prank to these 3 young bikers has now turned into serious legal consequences.[irp]

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a highly closed society which sticks to the teachings of Islam of virtue and does not tend to appreciate any and all foreign trends which might be in contradiction to the teachings and laws of Islam. Those men and women living in the Kingdom know that the authorities in the Kingdom do not take any acts of indecency or inappropriate behavior lightly and take swift decisive action to apprehend all those who violate any laws in the Kingdom. Dressing appropriately is equal for men as well as women in the Kingdom as both genders cannot appear in public if they do not comply with the dress code.

Source: Saudi Gazette