English Teacher dismissed for beating up a boy in a School in Saudi Arabia

The Education Affairs Ministry has just terminated the contract of a teacher who taught the English language at one of the schools in the Kingdom. The teacher has been dismissed after he brutally assaulted one of the students he had been teaching. The Education Affairs Director in Jeddah, Abdullah Al Taqafi stated in talks to the media on Tuesday that the father of the student has reported to the directorate, that his son, a student at a private middle school had been brutally assaulted by the English language teacher at his school. The father of the student, Yasser Rouass has stated that the assault on his son happened on Thursday during the English language class.[irp]

The teacher had been a substitute filling in for the English teacher who usually taught the class. The student respectfully asked the teacher to allow the students, himself included, to go outside and play a bit of football. The teacher, however, asked him to stand up and then proceeded to punch him right in the face. Due to the fact that his son was wearing glasses or spectacles, the punch resulted in a deep wound. The teacher immediately realized the gravity of what he had done, he told the student that it was only a joke and that he shouldn’t tell anybody about what had just happened.

The teacher then took the student to a nearby clinic, and then called the father of the child to inform him that his son had been injured and that he had taken him to the clinic. The father of the student rushed to the hospital, however when he reached there and saw his son, he realized that the clinic could do nothing for the wound and that he would have to be taken to another hospital. Upon reaching the other hospital, the student had to be given 12 stitches in order to close the wound on his face. In accordance to the medical report issued by the hospital, the wounds suffered by the student will need a total of 3 weeks of treatment for the wound to heal.

The father has stated that he then took the medical report and has also filed a formal complaint against the English language teacher. He added that he did not receive any phone call from the police. The school did not either contact him or neither did they check up on his son, even though he had been a student at the school at the primary school level.[irp]

The father stated that the Head of the Jeddah Education Department has called him and reassured him not to worry about anything. The Head of the Education Department in Jeddah has stated that the department would be investigating the incident and taking the measures necessary to deal with the situation. The Education Department has also issued a circular reminding all schools that all forms of corporal punishment such as physical beatings are not permitted under any circumstances.

Source: Saudi Gazette