Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries of the World

Ever wondered what country around the world is most dangerous, well here are a few that you may fancy. It is better to avoid going to these countries if you just want to visit them for tourism. You might face some stiff questions at the immigration counters of others countries if you have visited any of the below-mentioned countries in past few years. All those planning to go to these countries do so at your own risk;

1-Syria: In accordance with the Global Peace Index, Syria has now been named as the most dangerous country on earth. The country has been plagued with civil war and the rise of a major extremist organization known as the ISIS. The factors which have contributed to bringing Syria to the top includes murder rates, terrorism, military expenditure and perceptions of criminality. Back in 2008, Syria had been named the 88th most peaceful country on Earth. Now, it is the most dangerous country in the world.

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2-South Sudan: The U.S government has been warning its citizens to avoid visiting South Sudan due to ongoing fighting, inter-communal violence, and violent crimes. A few months ago, U.S government has ordered the evacuation of U.S. Embassy in South Sudan. It is not a good idea to visit South Sudan for anything. According to Global Peace Index Report 2016, it is the second most dangerous country in the world.

3-Iraq: The conflict in Iraq began in the year 2003 immediately after the United States Government toppled the tyrant rule of Saddam Hussein over Iraq which had already caused hundreds of thousands of lives, by causing the deaths of more than 600,000 additional people during the first 3 to 4 years of the war. The USA withdrew in 2011, however, left a void for the civil war which is now being filled by ISIS, which is constantly expanding over most of the country. It is the 3rd most dangerous country of the world.

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4-Afghanistan: The United States of America invaded Afghanistan after the attacks on the twin towers which occurred on September 11. The invasion of Afghanistan is also known as the American war in Afghanistan, the conflict started right after 9 / 11 and lasts until today. The plan of the USA was to dismantle the Al Qaeda, and to also deny a safe operations base in Afghanistan by destroying the Taliban. So far thousands of people have lost their lives due to the unending conflict in the country. Afghanistan is the 4th most dangerous country in the world.

5-Somalia: The U.S government has been warning its citizens to avoid visiting Somalia due to various terrorism threats by Al Qaeda affiliated groups. There is a huge risk of being kidnapped in all parts of Somalia for ransom. Somalia is the 6th most dangerous country to visit in the world.

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6-Yemen: The security condition in Yemen is very bad nowadays. Al Qaeda has been a substantial threat to Yemen government. Al Houthi in the north has been strengthening its roots. Saudi Arabia along with other Arab countries has been fighting against it. It is not recommended to visit Yemen till the situation is recovered. Yemen comes at number 6 among the most dangerous countries of the world.

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7-Ukraine: Ukraine was blamed for shooting down Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 which had been shot down passing over the conflict zone on 17th of July 2014. In order to tackle the protests which began during this period, the government launched a full-scale military offensive against the rebels. This conflict has taken thousands of lives. Ukraine is ranked at number 8 among the most dangerous countries of the world.

8-Sudan: Up to date, there have been 3 wars in Sudan. The first war was the First Sudanese Civil War which ensued from 1955 to 1972. It was followed later by the second Sudanese war which ensued from 1983 up till 2005. Currently, the country is going through the South Sudanese Civil war which was started in 2013. The country is plagued by several internal conflicts. The country is still suffering due to slavery and the severe Islamic laws. The Global Peace Index 2016 ranks Sudan at number 9 in the list of most dangerous countries of the world.

9-Libya: Since the time Colonel Ghadafi’s death, Libya’s condition has just deteriorated. The current government is very weak and unable to control anything. I don’t suggest you to even visit this country. Libya comes at number 10 among the most dangerous countries of the world.

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10-Pakistan: Based upon rebel activities and terrorist activities, Pakistan currently ranks in at number 11 on the list of most dangerous countries in the Global Peace Index. It had ranked number 8 on the list of IntelCenter, which is a Washington based company which examines the total volume of rebel alerts, terrorist alerts and also the total number of people which have been injured or killed in a country. The country is still facing several challenges such as corruption, Illiteracy, poverty, and terrorism.

In Global Peace Index Report 2016, Saudi Arabia is ranked at 129 among most peaceful countries of the world, the Philippines is at number 139 and India is at number 141. Pakistan is at number 153 among most peaceful countries of the world.

Source: Global Peace Index Report 2016

  • Sana

    Really ? And what about the western super powers who disrupted the peace in these modest countries ? Let Syrians and Pakistanis say that their country is dangerous. Do not spread hatred if you cannot spread humanity. Peace out Steve !!

  • Abrar

    What about america and israel that killed and killing millions of innocent muslims all over the world and you cannot dare to write anything against those major terrorist states, for that stop writing this bull shit.

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