8 Fun Activities to do in Taif, Saudi Arabia

The city of Taif is located within the surroundings of Makkah, Saudi Arabia. It is famous as the “city of colors”. It is situated on top of the mountains Al Sarawat, whose height is around 1,700 meters. Honey and grapes are in abundance in the region. It is a very important asset for the country’s agriculture with a population of 521,273. The city is a very important tourist site during the summers, not only for the foreigners but also for the Arabs. During the 6th century, it had the idol of Al-lat, the Lady of Taif. The place is very significant religiously. Its climate is best for fruits, vines, and wheat. It is a fruitful country and best for agriculture thus the name “the Garden of Hijaz” is given to Taif.

Hiking and climbing in Al Shafa: Away from the city of Taif about 30 kilometers towards the South West is an area approximately as high as 2,200 to 2,500 meters above the sea level. Al Shafa is among those having the second highest mountain peaks in the Kingdom. The weather is pleasant and there is always raining. It is the best place for climbing and hiking. It is on the edge of Tihama possessing beautiful landscapes.  The mountains have peaks descending gradually towards the North and East and vertically.

Al Kar tourist Village: This place is one of the top attractions which one wouldn’t want to miss. There are swimming pools and water sports in this area. You reach the place with the help of cable cars located in Al Hada region.[irp]

Cable cars: The cable cars are located beside the Ramada hotel, the largest in the Kingdom and the Middle East which is recently opened. It gives you immense pleasure through sightseeing and witnessing beautiful landscapes and sceneries of Al Taif Mountains. Some of you might be lucky enough to see Monkey’s money. The cost is not a lot. It’s 15 riyals for kids and 30 riyals for adults. You need to pay double for the round trip. You can even have your own cable car worth 150 Riyals for one way trip and 300 riyals for round trip.

Okaz Historic Market: This is the very well famous ancient market which is operated for 2 weeks during the month of Dhu Al Qidah every year. It is located in the North East of Taif.

EVENTS: There are many events held in Taif throughout the year. Some famous events include Taif Ahla (summer festival), roses sectarian harvest festival and Souk Okaz. Equestrian events and Taif’s winter festival takes place in the field of King Khalid al Equestrian Club of Saudi Arabia. Movement of equestrian events occurs from Riyadh to Taif throughout the summer. Camel races take place in the National Festival for heritage and culture Janadriya.

MEALS: Bukhari rice or Saudi Kabsa are a must try. The signature dish is “Seleeg” which is a sort of large grain rice. Mallah bread, harirah, asidah and Arabic saliq rice are also famous.

MUST HAVES: The city is very famous for its agricultural products like honey and grapes. Fruits are a must buy which include pomegranate, peach, dates, grapes which are the best in the Kingdom.

TRAVEL TIPS: All sort of drugs and alcohol are not at all allowed in Saudi Arabia. There is no as such best time to visit Taif. The city is beautiful throughout the year.