Average Salary of 37 Job Professions in Health & Care Industry of Saudi Arabia

We know that searching for a suitable job in health & care industry of Saudi Arabia is not an easy task. Once you are done with interviews and other formalities, there is a step of accepting a job offer. What should you demand from your employer? What is a good package according to your profession in Saudi Arabia? Many new comers accepting job offer do not make proper research and accept for job offer which is lesser than their profile. If you go through the table below, I have shared an average salary of 37 job professions related to health & care business which will help you in making an informed decision.[irp]

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S.NJob ProfessionSalary (SAR)
1Average Salary of Physical Therapist in Saudi Arabia2600
2Average Salary of Nurse Practitioner in Saudi Arabia3500
3Average Salary of Biomedical Engineering Technician in Saudi Arabia4000
4Average Salary of Dietitian in Saudi Arabia5000
5Average Salary of Staff Nurse in Saudi Arabia5060
6Average Salary of Anesthesia Technician in Saudi Arabia5907
7Average Salary of Occupational Therapist in Saudi Arabia7128
8Average Salary of Physical Therapist in Saudi Arabia7167
9Average Salary of Laboratory Technician in Saudi Arabia7425
10Average Salary of Dental Assistant in Saudi Arabia8000
11Average Salary of Laboratory Manager in Saudi Arabia8333
12Average Salary of Radiation Therapist in Saudi Arabia10000
13Average Salary of Ambulance Officers and Paramedics in Saudi Arabia10500
14Average Salary of Speech and Language Pathologist in Saudi Arabia10566
15Average Salary of Dentist in Saudi Arabia11342
16Average Salary of Physician - Internal Medicine in Saudi Arabia13000
17Average Salary of Patient Care in Saudi Arabia15000
18Average Salary of Head Nurse in Saudi Arabia15310
19Average Salary of Nurse in Saudi Arabia16132
20Average Salary of Nursing Director in Saudi Arabia16500
21Average Salary of Physician - Otolaryngology in Saudi Arabia17000
22Average Salary of Administration and Management in Saudi Arabia17008
23Average Salary of Pediatrician in Saudi Arabia17293
24Average Salary of General Medical Practitioner in Saudi Arabia17440
25Average Salary of MRI Technologist in Saudi Arabia18000
26Average Salary of Biomedical Engineering Director in Saudi Arabia18000
27Average Salary of Physician - Obstetrics / Gynecology in Saudi Arabia18467
28Average Salary of Physician - Physiatry in Saudi Arabia18890
29Average Salary of Physician - Pediatrics in Saudi Arabia20500
30Average Salary of Physician - Radiology in Saudi Arabia25750
31Average Salary of Physician - Anesthesiology in Saudi Arabia26000
32Average Salary of Physician - Hematology / Oncology in Saudi Arabia26500
33Average Salary of Dental Technician in Saudi Arabia27000
34Average Salary of Perfusionist in Saudi Arabia28750
35Average Salary of Physician - Cardiology in Saudi Arabia32250
36Average Salary of Physician - Neurology in Saudi Arabia50000
37Average Salary of Surgery in Saudi Arabia79750