Average Salary of 49 Executive Job Professions in Saudi Arabia

We know that searching for a suitable Executive Level Job in Saudi Arabia is not an easy task. Once you are done with interviews and other formalities, there is a step of accepting a job offer. What should you demand from your employer? What is a good package according to your profession in Saudi Arabia? Many new comers accepting job offer do not make proper research and accept for job offer which is lesser than their profile. If you go through the table below, I have shared an average salary of 49 job professions related to Executive level jobs which will help you in making an informed decision.[irp]

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S.NJob ProfessionSalary (SAR)
1Average Salary of Business Development Coordinator in Saudi Arabia2700
2Average Salary of Operations Supervisor in Saudi Arabia3800
3Average Salary of Assistant Operations Manager in Saudi Arabia5100
4Average Salary of Merchandise Planner in Saudi Arabia5417
5Average Salary of Account Executive in Saudi Arabia5500
6Average Salary of Junior Executive in Saudi Arabia6400
7Average Salary of Supervisor in Saudi Arabia9146
8Average Salary of Director of Revenue Management in Saudi Arabia10500
9Average Salary of Logistics Manager in Saudi Arabia12000
10Average Salary of Project Manager in Saudi Arabia12340
11Average Salary of Business Development Associate in Saudi Arabia14400
12Average Salary of Director of Training Development in Saudi Arabia15000
13Average Salary of Project Planner in Saudi Arabia16500
14Average Salary of Zone Manager in Saudi Arabia18667
15Average Salary of Business Consultant in Saudi Arabia21605
16Average Salary of Business Analyst in Saudi Arabia21853
17Average Salary of Area Manager in Saudi Arabia23000
18Average Salary of Business Development in Saudi Arabia23157
19Average Salary of Franchise Manager in Saudi Arabia25000
20Average Salary of Assistant Vice President in Saudi Arabia25000
21Average Salary of Quality Manager in Saudi Arabia25000
22Average Salary of Operations Manager in Saudi Arabia26425
23Average Salary of Business Development Manager in Saudi Arabia26897
24Average Salary of Project Manager in Saudi Arabia27744
25Average Salary of Assistant Director in Saudi Arabia28500
26Average Salary of Planning Director in Saudi Arabia29167
27Average Salary of Director in Saudi Arabia29500
28Average Salary of Regional Director in Saudi Arabia31600
29Average Salary of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in Saudi Arabia32000
30Average Salary of Planning Director in Saudi Arabia32150
31Average Salary of Vice President in Saudi Arabia32525
32Average Salary of Deputy General Manager in Saudi Arabia32550
33Average Salary of Management Consultant in Saudi Arabia35444
34Average Salary of General Manager in Saudi Arabia36271
35Average Salary of Strategy Director in Saudi Arabia41900
36Average Salary of Program Manager in Saudi Arabia42000
37Average Salary of Assistant to CEO in Saudi Arabia44500
38Average Salary of Chief Operating Officer in Saudi Arabia44500
39Average Salary of Country Manager in Saudi Arabia44500
40Average Salary of General Manager Corporate Services in Saudi Arabia48000
41Average Salary of Deputy Director in Saudi Arabia50000
42Average Salary of Area Director in Saudi Arabia50000
43Average Salary of Executive Director in Saudi Arabia52450
44Average Salary of Chief Executive Officer in Saudi Arabia56442
45Average Salary of Corporate Compliance Director in Saudi Arabia60000
46Average Salary of Managing Director in Saudi Arabia62333
47Average Salary of Corporate Director in Saudi Arabia62500
48Average Salary of Director of Catering Services in Saudi Arabia65000
49Average Salary of Project Control Manager in Saudi Arabia65000