Average Salary of 62 Engineering Job Professions in Saudi Arabia

We know that searching for a suitable job in Engineering profession in Saudi Arabia is not an easy task. Once you are done with interviews and other formalities, there is a step of accepting a job offer. What should you demand from your employer? What is a good package according to your profession in Saudi Arabia? Many new comers accepting job offer do not make proper research and accept for job offer which is lesser than their profile. If you go through the table below, I have shared an average salary of 62 job professions related to Engineering which will help you in making an informed decision.[irp]

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S.NJob ProfessionSalary (SAR)
1Average Salary of Equipment Engineer in Saudi Arabia2000
2Average Salary of Assembly Engineering Technician in Saudi Arabia3304
3Average Salary of Electrical Sales Engineer in Saudi Arabia3450
4Average Salary of Biomedical Engineer in Saudi Arabia3850
5Average Salary of Manufacturing Engineer in Saudi Arabia5000
6Average Salary of Quality Assurance Engineer in Saudi Arabia6356
7Average Salary of Highway Engineer in Saudi Arabia6625
8Average Salary of Production Manager in Saudi Arabia6800
9Average Salary of Production Engineer in Saudi Arabia6950
10Average Salary of Work Planner in Saudi Arabia7150
11Average Salary of Product Engineer in Saudi Arabia7600
12Average Salary of Quality Control Engineer in Saudi Arabia8000
13Average Salary of Purchasing Engineer in Saudi Arabia8254
14Average Salary of Industrial Engineer in Saudi Arabia8300
15Average Salary of Senior Technical Support Engineer in Saudi Arabia8320
16Average Salary of Senior Service Engineer in Saudi Arabia8500
17Average Salary of Principal Cost Engineer in Saudi Arabia8600
18Average Salary of Maintenance Manager in Saudi Arabia9000
19Average Salary of Production Engineering Supervisor in Saudi Arabia9125
20Average Salary of Equipment Engineer in Saudi Arabia9190
21Average Salary of Materials Engineer in Saudi Arabia9200
22Average Salary of Technical Engineer in Saudi Arabia9517
23Average Salary of Project Director in Saudi Arabia10000
24Average Salary of Field Engineer in Saudi Arabia10062
25Average Salary of Instrumentation Engineer in Saudi Arabia10542
26Average Salary of Electrical Engineer in Saudi Arabia10603
27Average Salary of Production Engineer in Saudi Arabia10701
28Average Salary of Industrial Engineer in Saudi Arabia10750
29Average Salary of Telecommunications Engineer in Saudi Arabia10970
30Average Salary of Design Engineer in Saudi Arabia11654
31Average Salary of Electrical Engineering Manager in Saudi Arabia11781
32Average Salary of HVAC Engineering in Saudi Arabia12178
33Average Salary of Senior Sales Engineer in Saudi Arabia12567
34Average Salary of Senior Field Service Engineer in Saudi Arabia12948
35Average Salary of Mechanical Engineer in Saudi Arabia13520
36Average Salary of Sales Engineer in Saudi Arabia13720
37Average Salary of Maintenance Engineer in Saudi Arabia13805
38Average Salary of Project Engineer in Saudi Arabia13821
39Average Salary of Sales Engineer in Saudi Arabia14000
40Average Salary of Structural Designer in Saudi Arabia15000
41Average Salary of Planning Engineer in Saudi Arabia15167
42Average Salary of Engineer in Saudi Arabia15433
43Average Salary of Safety Engineer in Saudi Arabia15492
44Average Salary of Senior Electrical Engineer in Saudi Arabia15629
45Average Salary of Civil Engineer in Saudi Arabia15638
46Average Salary of Manufacturing Engineer in Saudi Arabia16941
47Average Salary of Oil and Petrochemical Engineer in Saudi Arabia16963
48Average Salary of Aerospace Engineer in Saudi Arabia17000
49Average Salary of Product Development Engineer in Saudi Arabia18570
50Average Salary of Generation Engineer in Saudi Arabia18600
51Average Salary of Transportation Engineer in Saudi Arabia18650
52Average Salary of Process Engineer in Saudi Arabia19907
53Average Salary of Geotechnical Engineer in Saudi Arabia20833
54Average Salary of Assistant Chief Engineer in Saudi Arabia21000
55Average Salary of Project Manager in Saudi Arabia22308
56Average Salary of Marine Engineer in Saudi Arabia25000
57Average Salary of Electrical Engineering Manager in Saudi Arabia25806
58Average Salary of Mechanical Engineering Manager in Saudi Arabia26088
59Average Salary of Equipment Engineering Manager in Saudi Arabia28708
60Average Salary of Drilling Engineer in Saudi Arabia32944
61Average Salary of Biomedical Engineering Director in Saudi Arabia33000
62Average Salary of Field Engineering Manager in Saudi Arabia60000