Saudi Prisoner refuses to leave Jail and spend Eid with his Family

A man who does not want to get out of prison: Though we may have heard endless stories of people trying desperately to get out of prison which resulted in intricate and mind-boggling details of their unsuccessful attempt at escaping the prison, however not many of us can say that we have heard of a man who does not want to get out of prison and spend time with his family back in his home.

Yes, we were as surprised as you probably are right now, upon hearing this oddity, however, when you read the entire story you will get a better idea of why it is that the man was not willing to go back home in order to live with his family.

What was his crime? A man who had been sent to prison in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the crime of failing to pay off his debts has just now rejected the decision by the judge which had allowed him to spend the remainder of the Holy month of Ramadan as well as Eid with his family in his home.

Why does he not want to spend Eid with his family? The man behind bars, who is said to be aged in his 70s, has come out and stated that his incarceration has brought about a drastic improvement in his mental and physical health. The man stated that he earlier used to suffer from severe heart and psychological problems.

The incarcerated man gave an argument that he had been receiving quality medical care as well as companionship with his friends inside the prison. This he stated has been a vital factor in his recovery from the heart and psychological conditions that he suffered from earlier.

He also stated that he personally enjoyed the numerous recreational activities that are offered to all the prisoners like him at the Buraidah prison. The Buraidah prison is located in the northwestern region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Where will he spend Eid? A prison Adviser also subsequently failed to convince the elderly inmate to accept the offer made by the judge, however, at the end of it, all the elderly prisoner had been forced to leave the prison and go back home to his family.  This last sentence is surely something which you have never either seen or heard ever before in your entire life.

Several of the local Saudi population on various social media platforms on which the story of the elderly inmate was shared, expressed great sympathy with the old timer, stating that the elderly man should have been able to receive the “satisfactory” level of medical assistance and medical care at home, which he had been receiving in the state prison.

Several of the social media users have also called for a fundraiser to be set up for the elderly man in order for them to collect some funds so that all the debts of the old man can be paid off.

Source: Gulf News