10 Myths about Smoking, we should stop believing

Girls smoke more than boys or men: This is not true as women have never smoked more than men. A survey every now and then might show one age group where this might be true, however since smoking became common; men have always smoked more than the women.[irp]

Several smokers live to an old age, so don’t worry: This is the same as saying that 5 out of 6 people playing the fatal Russian Roulette game were not hurt and hence the game is not dangerous at all.

Quit campaigns don’t work on the low socioeconomic smokers:  So does this mean that the quit campaigns do not work on those who are not well off. Data on smoking shows the proportion of people who quit.  According to the data, 46 percent of the well-off quit smoking compared to 66 percent of the not so well off.

Scare campaigns do not work: Never have I seen any study where the health consequences or the financial consequences of smoking were not main contributors behind quitting. This information and data about the consequences related to smoking did not get to the smokers by magic, this is done via anti-smoking campaigns, pack warnings etc.

Rolling your own tobacco is natural: People who roll their own will tell you how natural and safe rolling your own cigarettes is. In reality, the open tobacco has been pickled in flavoring as well as chemicals in order to keep the tobacco fresh.

Nearly all Schizophrenic people smoke: Though it might be true that people with mental health issues might indulge more in smoking, certifying that nearly all of them smoke has been cooked up by people doing online searches and then massively inflating the figures which are then pushed by the media.

Everybody knows the risks of smoking: Though the knowledge of risks of smoking differs from one person to the other, few of the people will most probably know that two out of three smokers will die of a smoking related cause.

You can reduce the health risks by cutting down: Though it is true that your health will be worse if you smoke 20 cigarettes a day rather than 5, the accumulative risk is still there. If you are trying to cut down the risks, by reducing smoking, then it does not work usually.[irp]

Air pollution causes lung cancer: Air pollution is a great risk, and there is no doubt about it. However, the incidence of Lung cancer in for example Australia indicates that Lung cancer is highest in those areas with least air pollution. The same areas are also those with the highest number of smokers.

Smokers should not quit without drugs or help: The best way to quit smoking is to go cold turkey. In the years prior to drugs and pharmaceuticals being so easily available, millions of people quit without any help of people or drugs