Dancing Fountains in Al Rudaf Park, Taif Saudi Arabia

Most of the expatriates believe that Saudi Arabia does not have many fun related activities. You can just go to a shopping mall for shopping, restaurant for having lunch or dinner or beach to spend some time there. But believe me that this is far away from reality. In Saudi Arabia, you can do so many activities either you are with friends or family. The only problem is that these places are not advertised as they are advertised in other countries. Since the day we have started this platform, it is one of our top most priority to disseminate information about the cool and awesome places to visit in Saudi Arabia. Today we are going to share with you some information about Dancing Fountains in Taif.[irp]

Taif, located in the Makkah province and it is very well known for its pre-Islamic and post-Islamic history. It is on a drive of only 2 hours if you are traveling from Jeddah. Many of us have traveled Taif city but few have the chance to visit Dancing Fountains of Taif. If you are planning to visit there, I have shared map location of the dancing fountains of Taif below. In fact, it is not only dancing fountains, you can plan to spend one full evening there.

Dancing Fountains: Dancing fountains show start at 7:30 pm and continues till 10:30 pm. Friday is normally more crowded than normal days. Since dancing fountains are one of the main attractions of this park, it is not wise to go there in the morning. Better to be there by 4:00 pm so that you can spend some time in the day light as well as watch dancing fountains show.

Free Entry: The entry to the park and dancing fountains show is completely free for everyone. Parking is also free.

Families Only: However, entry is restricted to only families. So, if you are planning to visit this place with your male friends only, drop this idea. You can go there only if you have one female member of your group.

Al Rudaf Park: Dancing fountains are situated in the beautiful park called Al Rudaf park. There is lush green grass in it and you can spend your time there with your family and kids.

Small Rock Mountains: There are small rock mountains in this park where you along with your children can have fun.

Small Play Grounds: If you are a football lover, bring one with you and there will be so many kids and youngsters to join you. There are small play grounds there to be physically there.

Weather: As we know that Taif is a hilly area so weather is always better than neighboring cities Makkah and Jeddah.[irp]

Fitness Machines: There are some fitness machines installed in the Al Rudaf Park and you can do some exercise there.

Running Track: There is a racing track there and you can start a race there with your kids of family members. In short, it is an awesome place to spend an evening.