5 Reasons people avoid answering calls from unknown numbers

Imagine that your pet is lost, and there are some people who are calling you just to tell you that they have found your pet, BUT you have a strict policy that you do not answer unknown numbers. Let’s say that your next door neighbors are calling you about smoke coming from your house, but you ignore the calls and the smoke turns out to be a fire.  Imagine you are a big shot business tycoon and don’t pick up unknown numbers because you don’t have the time, well what if that unknown number was the biggest contract you would ever sign. You have now lost it because you did not pick up that call. God forbid any of your friends or family has been involved in an accident, and your number has been discovered in their belongings. The people would be calling you to inform you about the situation however you do not pick up the calls because it is yet another unknown number.[irp]

1-It is general assumption that most people do not answer any unknown number because they think it will be a wrong number, a telemarketer, somebody they were hoping to avoid or someone who harasses them on the phone.

2-It is most probably the best policy, however, when it is urgent, people tend to call you, rather than text. Some people, however, respond to texts on WhatsApp instantly regardless whether it is an unknown number or a telemarketer. They feel completely comfortable and secure while replying to a text or a WhatsApp message, but they are not comfortable talking on the phone.

3-Many people consider phone calls as being extremely tedious and time-consuming. People can be cold and blunt during a written conversation, they can easily put a disguise, however, an actual telephone call would make that hard or near impossible. Humans, no matter how they may be, will be good at heart.

4-They cannot shut down the callers when they have started speaking, which means that they will just have to tolerate somebody endlessly rants or a very inquisitive relative is going on and on asking about your life. However, that is not the case in written conversations. It does not also mean that we ought to avoid all unknown numbers completely.[irp]

5-Communication by the mobile devices such as smart phones and handsets are meant to exchange a conversation between two people, at 2 different locations at the same time. It is not just like this with known people, it is also including those we do not know. Should we be therefore introducing this flat out policy not to pick up any unknown numbers? The essential aim of having a mobile phone then seems to have been defeated really. Before we had created the contacts on our mobile phones, we had received their call or call them as unknown numbers. There are several apps in the market which will help you block any unwanted callers.