10 Useful Benefits of having Mini Pockets in your Jeans

Was it just fashion or did it have some utility? I bet that at least once in your life you have looked down to your jean pocket and noticed a third front pocket which was sized only for 1 finger and wondered the same thing. Well it seems that it has a number of uses;

1-You can use it as a coin pocket, even though it is somewhat deep, you can still keep some coins and take them out with ease and not worry about them falling out or clinking and making a sound.[irp]

2-You can use it to store a music player such as iPod shuffle or a mp3 because it is not wide enough to store most phones and the other iPod models.

3-You can use it as a pocket for a small comb for hair emergencies.

4-Use it as a floss holder or toothpick holder when heading out to grab a meal.

5-A small sized snack bar can fit in it perfectly too.

6-Mouth freshener or a small pack of gum can be kept in the small pocket for easy access.

7-You can use it to store an emergency cosmetic. A lip balm or lipstick can fit easily inside the pocket allowing for a quick fix. It can also hold a small container of mascara, a nail file, and even a small mirror.

8-Use the small front pocket as a holder for band aids. It is a perfect remedy for all the clumsy people bumping into stuff.

9-You can use it to store tissue because you really do not know when you might need one.

10-If you smoke, you can use it to store your lighter and not worry about losing it.

11-In technical terms, the term for the tailoring of the watch pocket is a ticket pocket. This is quite true as you can actually use it to store your tickets such as cinema tickets, train tickets or bus tickets. It is important to warn you that the ticket will get really crumpled in this pocket.

12-If you are an outdoorsy person, you can use the front small pocket to store a Swiss army knife. Even if you are not outdoorsy, the Swiss Army Knife is an excellent tool to keep on you.

13-Need quick and instant access to a pen? Use the pocket to store a pen and/or a piece of paper to take note of anything at a moment’s notice.

14-Out shopping? Use it as a pocket for the shopping list and you will never have to search for it again.[irp]

15-You can use the small pocket as your personal flag holder. Whether it is independence or national day and your arms are tired, simply place it in the pocket for quick access. Not just for national days, wear a flag every day, turn patriotism into fashion.

16-You can use the pocket to store your keys and also your USB stick.