14 Cancer Symptoms Men Normally Ignore in their Daily Life

The problem in peeing – though this can be caused with age due to an enlarged prostate gland, it can also very well be prostate cancer.

A change in your testicles – if you notice any strange heaviness or lump in your testicle area, have it checked as testicular cancer can take off almost overnight.[irp]

Blood in stool or pee – this can very well be the first sign of cancer in the colon, kidney or bladder. It is generally advised to have the bleeding checked out by the doctor.

Changes in Skin – if you notice a change in a preexisting mole or any other spots on your skin have it checked as it might just be skin cancer. You will probably need a biopsy.

Lymph nodes changes – a swollen lymph node, a small bean shaped gland which can be found in your neck, armpit and other places as well, might just signal that something is wrong in your body. Usually affected by colds and sore throat, it may also become aggravated by cancer.

The problem in swallowing – though some people may commonly feel this, if it is just not going and you are losing weight and/or vomiting, have yourself tested for stomach cancer.

Heartburn – though a moderate amount of this may be prevalent keeping in mind your diet, stress levels as well as hydration, if it is prolonged or intense then have it checked out.

If you chew or smoke tobacco, then you are at a much higher risk of contracting mouth cancer. Look out for any red or white patches on your lip or inside your mouth.

Losing weight without trying –  though this may be a dream come true to some of us, if you have not changed anything in your diet or routine and still are losing weight, then you need to have it checked as it might be a thyroid problem.

Fever – though any fever usually means that your body is fighting an infection if the fever does not go away, then it might be signaling towards leukemia.

Changes in the chest area – men tend to ignore lumps in the chest area as they think breast cancer doesn’t happen to them. However, 1 percent of the breast cancer cases are in men but diagnosed much later than it should.

Fatigue – several types of cancer cause a lasting tiredness which never gets better, regardless of the amount of rest you get. It is much different than feeling tired after hectic work.[irp]

A cough – if a nonsmoker is coughing it may not be cancer and it may go away in 3 or weeks. If it doesn’t and you start having trouble breathing or having cough up blood, then visit the doctor, whether you smoke or not.

Depression and pain – ongoing pain or belly pain might be a sign of cancer which has spread if it is accompanied by depression.