7 Health Risks associated with Tanning your Skin

The most updated and current scientific evidence clearly shows that there nothing such as a healthy or safe tan, whether it be in a tanning bed or under the sun. It is vital to take steps in order to avoid overexposure to the ultra violet radiation. Exposure to the A and B ultraviolet radiation can cause eye damage, sun burn and also health effects which include a heightened risk of skin cancer.[irp]

1-The UV or Ultra Violet radiation is a kind of invisible light which is given off by the sun and also by certain kinds of lamps such as sun lamps and also tanning beds. While there may be differences between the A and B ultra violet lights (UVA and UVB) such as the depth to which they can penetrate your skin, both of these types of light are given out by the sun lamps and the sun, and there is a clear risk associated with being overexposed to both.

2-One of the more commonly cited benefits of the UV lights or radiation is that our body produces a lot of Vitamin D after our skin has been exposed to it. This is however affected by various factors such as skin pigmentation, use of sunscreen and age. Furthermore, there have been no studies which can determine that the Vitamin D produced due to the UV radiation, can occur without creating the risk of skin cancer.

3-People, who are tanning under the sun or by using the artificial tanning beds with lamps, are at a high risk of getting sun burned. The heightened redness of the skin has been caused by a heightened exposure to the Ultra violet radiation, in particular, the UVB radiation.

4-If you do not protect your eyes while you are tanning, overexposure to the UV radiation can also cause extremely painful eye conditions on a temporary basis. This is known as photo keratitis or photo conjunctivitis. In particular exposure to the UVB, radiations have been linked to the development of cataracts, clouding of eye lens which can cause pterygium is also known as surfer’s eye, photo keratitis is also known as snow blindness or even plain and simple blindness.

5-The health risks which come from being exposed to the UV radiation from tanning equipment and the sun greatly outweigh the benefits.

6-Tanning may also cause a long term health effect. Being exposed to the UV radiation can cause your skin to appear to age rapidly and can also significantly increase the risk of skin cancer development. It has also been proven by the help of science that exposure to UV radiation weakens our immune system. This further reduces the chances of your body to defend against serious illnesses such as skin cancer. (Malignant melanoma)[irp]

7-When you have been exposed to the UV rays of the sun, seek shade, wear covering clothing and make use of sunscreen. The rays of the sun are strongest between 11 am and 4 pm hence it is advised to avoid the sun during these hours.